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"Your life doesn't create your Divine Coordinates®. Your Divine Coordinates® create your life. More than simply knowing what you are here to do, you will know who you are here to BE." - Ronda Renée

Stacey Lievens

I discovered a new me. When I initially enrolled I thought I was just signing up for another personal development tool. But it's so much more than that! It's been such a gift to me, it's been a gift to my family, it's been a gift to my husband. I finally feel like I'm showing up in the world as who I was meant to be. So, if you are looking for something way more than a personal development tool, look no further than Divine Navigation®.

~Stacey Lievens

Kim Carpenter

I received my Divine Coordinates® and everything changed within a week's time. And I know it's because I am in alignment with my Divine Coordinates®. I'm telling everybody I know; every single person should get their Divine Coordinates®.

~Kim Carpenter

Ken W Stone

Everyone needs to get their Divine Coordinates®! I've been working in my calling for a while now, and I came away with the most succinct way of communicating what I do and how I do it, while also finding a new internal resonance with my purpose and how I will be sharing my gift. Thank you Ronda for sharing your gifts with the world and with me in such a beautiful way!!

~ Ken Stone


About Ronda Renée

Ronda Renée, founder of Divine Navigation® and creator of the Divine Coordinates® process, has led countless people to success. A Spiritual Coach and Spiritual Business Coach, Ronda guides business leaders and individuals to the extraordinary life their Soul has in store for them.

Ronda is an internationally recognized speaker, facilitator and three time best-­selling author guiding individuals and industry leaders to the success and fulfillment that can only be experienced by living and working in alignment with the Soul.

Personal growth, taken to an entirely new level, Ronda continues to lead people through the astounding self discovery and personal transformation required to finally be living their most elevated, purpose driven life.

Courageous leaders with an unshakable connection to their Soul.