Do you have the sense that there is something more you are meant to be doing?

Would you like more confidence in the direction you are headed?

Maybe you have all the outward signs of success but can’t help but feel there is still something missing?

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“Everyone needs to do their Divine Coordinates® with Ronda Wada! I’ve been working in my calling for a while now, and my time with Ronda was so powerful. I came away with the most succinct way of communicating what I do and how I do it, while also finding a new internal resonance with my purpose and how I will be sharing my gift. Thank you Ronda for sharing your gifts with the world and with me in such a beautiful way!!”

Ken Stone

“Ronda DN is amazing at cutting to the heart of whatever is going on, whether in business or personal. And she does it in an amazingly loving and supportive way. I am so grateful to have Ronda in my life!”

Christina G

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Are you really FREE?

Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day in the US which always makes me ponder how a country full of self-proclaimed free people can be SO not independent. I’m not talking about independence in the sense of “I don’t need anyone” but more in the sense of autonomy where you are truly self-governing with the ability to act freely in accordance to who you really are at your core. Are...

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– Featured –

Healing the scars on your heart

A couple years ago, someone close to me went through a procedure to correct Afib - Atrial Fibrillation - a form of irregular heartbeat. To correct this, the surgeon literally goes into the heart and creates scars on the heart tissue to interrupt the wayward electrical pattern that is generating the short circuit that is causing the irregular heartbeat. This creates new pathways for the electrical curren...

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