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27 Indicators You Are Not Aligned with Your Divine Purpose

Living your Divine Purpose and finding your Divine Purpose has finally made it to our social vernacular as we’ve continued to aspire to the Live Your Best Life prescription. The differences in the two pursuits are truly worlds apart.

“Live Your Best Life” is commonly seen as living the high life, slaying goals, cashing checks and in general achieving, acquiring and accomplishing all the things. Be it a bigger home, a better car, glitzy vacations, a more prestigious position and fancier friends. It’s all about getting more, fast, bigger.

No matter how we frame those things they are not us. They have nothing to do with our Divine Purpose and the fulfillment they bring is transient at best. That’s because they are all external pursuits. We will never be satisfied when we are deriving our worth from anything outside of ourselves.

Here’s where we turn our attention to the more meaningful pursuits of the Soul.

As trite as it may sound, finding our purpose in life is an inside job. Finding purpose starts with an internal longing. A longing to know our own Soul and share it with the world in a way that is satisfying as well as makes a lasting difference.

Here are just a handful of signs (there really are others) to determine if you are or are not aligned with your true Purpose. This list is especially important if you intend to use spiritual entrepreneurship as your purpose!

1.You’re asking yourself “what is my purpose?” or “is this my purpose?” These questions are a clear indicator that you haven’t yet found your purpose. When you are living your divine purpose you know it. 

2. You think your purpose is to “serve women” or “serve men” or “help others” and it is NOT. While there may be a specific population you are inspired to make a difference for, they are not your purpose. 

3. You’ve taken all the quizzes, assessment and personality profiles and still aren’t sure who you are and why you are here. The thing about most of these methods of finding your purpose is that they only affirm what you already know. What else could they do? You are the one that fills them out. No wonder they don’t provide you with any new insights. Right?

4. You’re still trying to make your parents, partner or past happy. Your divine purpose won’t necessarily make sense to anyone else. As long as you are trying to satisfy anyone else’s desires for you, you’ll be blocking yourself from living your true purpose.

5. You worry that you are wasting your days. It feels like each day is filled with meaningless repeated tasks of little import. You wonder what you will leave behind. What is your legacy? Are you living up to it?

6. You picture, fantasize, daydream about a version of yourself that you are not currently living. Are you where you saw yourself? If your actual reality doesn’t match your virtual reality it may be time to consider which is the one you are meant to be living.

7. You dread getting out of bed in the morning. On any level. To go to work, to face your day, to attend to your to-do list; even if that includes caring for family. That sensation of “it’s just more of the same” is familiar. 

8. At the end of the day you are more likely to feel drained than satisfied. Living your divine purpose will leave you refreshed and energized more often than not.

9. You find yourself continually chasing success; striving and trying to get “there.” Your true purpose isn’t an accomplishment. It is a state of being and it only lives here and now.

10. You find yourself doing a lot of what you think you “should” do. Whether that’s a profession you received years of education and training in, a job you’ve done for decades or a role you think you have to play in order to fulfill society standards, there is no “have-to,” “need-to” or “should” in fulfilling your purpose.

11. You feel like you’re sacrificing some or all of yourself for a paycheck. Your Soul is not for sale. Yet on so many days, in so many ways, too many of us are doing things for money that go against who we are and what we stand for.

12. You’re trying to be who you think you are supposed to be. It’s easy to get caught up in the expectations of others leading us to wear a mask. Projecting a persona is a sure sign you aren’t aligned with your purpose.

13. You’re always trying to prove your worth. Sure, it’s natural for all of us to have doubts from time to time but if you find yourself people-pleasing and proving your value more often than not, you are definitely not aligned with your Divine Purpose. When you are living your purpose, your sense of self-worth will take care of itself. 

14. You’ve had material success but still aren’t satisfied. We’ve been led to believe that checking all the boxes – such as getting a great job, having money in the bank, living in a nice house – is our purpose as adults. Furthemore, it will ensure our happiness. You likely already know how not true this is.

15. Work feels like work. This one is likely pretty self explanatory. The magic of working in your purpose is that while there are tasks to complete, you’ll be so inspired by what you are doing and why you are doing it that it won’t feel like work.

16. You’ve spent years working in your business and have not experienced significant growth, revenue or reach. We can’t deny that getting any business off the ground is going to take some effort. However, if you aren’t making progress the chances are you may simply not be in a business that’s aligned with your purpose.

17. You decided to be in your field or niche based on its potential to be lucrative. If you’ve designed your business or profession based on how much money it will make you, chances are you are not fulfilling your purpose. While you purpose can make you a great living, it’s also likely something you would do for free if your financial concerns were already handled. 

18. You decided what business to start based on your past experience. Training and education do not a purpose make. You’ve heard of the 10,000 hours theory. We can get good at many things as long as we do them long enough. Being good at something doesn’t make it your purpose.

19. You’ve primarily used logic vs. intuition to develop your business and your brand. Purpose doesn’t thrive on logic. When you are aligned with your Divine Purpose more often than not your intuition will be leading the way. The definition of intuition “knowing beyond reason.” Therefore, following your purpose won’t always make obvious sense. But it will always be right.

20. You’ve spent a great deal of time focused on the outcome and the end result versus the journey and your evolution. It is through your own self-mastery and Soul mastery that your purpose will be fulfilled. Your Soul isn’t concerned about results. It’s only concerned about who you become on your journey. Read that again.

21. You’re primarily using external markers/metrics to measure your success. This one is the saddest of all to me because it insinuates that only well known, wealthy, famous people are the ones with a purpose. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If you were born you have a purpose. Read that again, too.

22. You followed the “marketers” advice of how ”it’s” done thinking it was the way to try and ensure your success. Your purpose is yours alone. Therefore, what’s worked for someone else may not work for you. Attempts to model or duplicate someone else’s success are often ill fated. Your path will be unique to you and so will your success.

23. You look forward to Fridays more than Mondays. If you are living for weekends, you aren’t doing work that inspires you. And you’re definitely not doing work that is fulfilling your divine purpose. It’s not that taking time off isn’t legitimate but when you are always watching the clock in anticipation of “quitting time” the writing’s on the wall – you are not living your purpose.

24. Changing professions, niche, careers and passions. While plenty of us can be considered multi-passionate, when you find yourself changing gears and shifting directions chances are you are consciously or subconsciously searching for your true purpose because you haven’t found it yet.

25. You seek affirmation and approval from others. Be it your boss, friends, spouse, kids – whoever. When we are affirmed in our existing life, seeking our passion is often harder to do. Ask any doctor yearning to go paint the Tuscan countryside instead.

26. You’re waiting for someone else to give you their blessing to follow your purpose. If you’re waiting for permission, you’ll be waiting a long time. Your purpose is so very personal. They may never understand.

27. In spite of feeling joy, fulfillment and even satisfaction – there is something you’re still seeking… on some level. And, you know it. It might fade in briefly based on something you see or witness or come on at a particular time in life. You have gratitude for all you have but there is more… and you can’t shake that knowing.

How many of these indicators sounded familiar to you? Take heart!

When we find ourselves longing for or reaching for a life other than the one we’re in, or, we find ourselves unwilling to ask for more because we already have so much, we must be willing to examine the patterns, thoughts and behaviors we express in our lives.

The first step to getting on the right path to our Divine Purpose (Divine Path) is realizing we are on the wrong one. Identify what’s not in alignment so we can make course corrections. Admit what’s not working so we can redirect our efforts and attention to what will take us where we want to go. Be willing to risk the “known” for the Soul’s intention. And simply decide to align with Your Divine Purpose.