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Divine Navigation is about living life under the direct guidance of your Soul. It's not about knowing exactly where you are headed at every moment. It is about trusting in your Soul to lead at every turn. To support your journey and pave the way for your purpose.

The Purpose

We actually all have the same purpose. To embody our Soul and move through the world as the Divine Being that we are. To be the source of the energies of your Divine Coordinates expressing into the world. They can't get here any other way. There is not another living being that has the exact same energetic qualities to their Soul as you do; that has the same life experiences, the same gifts and talents or preferences and passions that you do. There is a specific energetic frequency you were meant to hold for the planet and if you aren't, that energy is literally missing in the world. You were born because you are needed. The world needs you. It's time to find out why.


The Path

How often have you asked yourself "am I on the right path?" What would it be like to know that you are always on path even when it looks like you've taken a detour? As they say "it's about the journey not the destination." Well, what if it could be both? Indeed it is! When you are aligned with your Divine Coordinates your life is the path to your purpose. What you need and what you seek can both be found every step of the way. Your path may not look like anyone else's. And why should it? Your Soul isn't like anyone else's either. When you are on the path of your Soul, the path is rarely straight but the scenery is glorious! 


The Payoff

"What's the meaning of life?" and "what's the meaning of my life?" are two different questions. The answer to both questions, however, are found in exactly the same place. Achievement, acquisition and accomplishment will never give you the success, satisfaction and sense of security you are seeking. They can only be found through the full expression of your Soul. Absolutely nothing is more rewarding than knowing what you were born to do and doing it, knowing who you were born to be and being it. The finish line. The precise purpose of your birth. But you must be willing to do one thing. Live as your Soul. 

Who Am I?

What makes this possible is being able to definitively answer the question "who am I?" The answer to this question may surprise you - and it may not. You are more than meets the eye. At the most fundamental level we are all energy and all energy. More accurately, a specific set of energies. I call these energies your Divine Coordinates®

These energies tell you not only who you are but also who you are meant to be and what you are here to do, the gift you are to the world. Through the expression and experience of these energies you find true fulfillment. They are the specific pathways along which your Soul intended to master itself. 

Each of the four directional Divine Coordinates is a key to unlocking the sacred compass of your Soul. They each have a specific role and responsibility. Until identified, they often express anyway they can. Even in ways that don't support you and may even downright sabotage you. 

When they are coordinating in the manner they are designed for,  your life will blossom and unfold naturally. However, we all have dysfunctions in our Divine Coordinates that create the patterns in our lives. These patterns will repeat until you know how to get your Divine Coordinates to operate properly.

It is through the alignment and activation of each of your directional Coordinates that you  reach the peak of the "pyramid" - full Soul expression. 

Divine Coordinates

North Coordinate

While the North may seem like the pinnacle, it is no more important than the other three directional Coordinates. In fact, you can’t reach the north without going through the other three energies. Ironically, it’s not uncommon to experience the opposite as you learn to be the source of this energy.

West Coordinate

The key to activating your Divine Coordinates is your West energy. Until we activate this energy, you'll have limited access to the other energies of your Coordinates. When it's operating as it's meant to you will feel the love and support you've always wanted.


East Coordinate

A common default that  easily overrides the energy for the West, is over-using your East energy. Overthinking, overanalyzing and over planning.  When used in the manner it was intended, the energy of the East will relax your mind and broaden your horizons and expand your perspectives.

South Coordinate

The energy of the South is the space to come from before you take any action. More often than not we end up taking action to "get it" rather than learning how to be it.  If you'd like to be more effective and efficient, using your South in aligned ways will make all the difference.


Reaching Soul Expression

Until we learn how to coordinate the four directional Coordinates, the Divine Coordinate at the center of your sacred compass can show up a bit like an achilles heel. The desire for this experience drives us to unconsciously chase this energy, never realizing what we are really searching for and never really able to sustain the experience. 

The only way to the peak experience your Soul most desires is through the pathways of your four directional Coordinates. Think about it… you can't build a pyramid from the peak down, right? Same goes here! 

Through identifying, integrating and activating each of your four unique directional Divine Coordinates we reach the peak of the pyramid in a predictable, repeatable, sustainable manner. Here is where you are finally experiencing and expressing all that you are - all of your Soul.


When you are in alignment with and expressing your Divine Coordinates, you'll experience satisfaction and happiness in ways you may have never imagined. You'll have access to instantaneous peace and purpose, freedom and flow.

In Business and in Life ….


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