"It's going to take each of us showing up fully from our Soul - to be who we were born to be, to give the gifts we were born to give, and to make the difference we were sent here to make. In short, the world can't reach its divine potential until you do."~ Ronda Renée

fter generating more than 22 million in sales, obtaining all the material 'things,' and being considered the "Successful Woman," Ronda Renee was navigating high-dollar industries and receiving accomplishment accolades while raising two kids on her own and adding to her growing real estate portfolio.

Experiencing everything she thought would bring her genuine happiness and fulfillment, she had a nagging sensation that something was missing, or just wasn't right.

An Intense inner exploration, coupled with her commitment to discover the source of the dissatisfaction she was experiencing, even though wildly accomplished, she finally discovered the key to success and deep satisfaction. 

Since 2009, Ronda has led 1000s across the globe live lives of deep meaning, purpose, and satisfaction. As an internationally recognized speaker, facilitator, three time best-­selling author, Ronda leads spiritual and industry leaders to the true success that can only be found by living and working in alignment with the Soul.

"I am dedicated to shifting the paradigm of purpose. For people to powerfully live into their purpose in order to fulfill their Divine Contribution. To Empower every individual on this planet to understand the precise purpose of their incarnation and to live accordingly."


The 4 Ways I Sacrificed Myself (and My Soul)

Today, I'm often told that I am one of the most authentic and empowered people you'll ever meet. To see me today it might be hard to imagine the version of me I am going to tell you about. But, it's all true. 

On the outside, things looked good. Amazing kids, great friends and successful career, topped off with a growing real estate portfolio. At the same time I was twice divorced, buried in obligations, running as fast as I could to keep up with the unrealistic (and misaligned) expectations of my family, society and even myself. 

It was time to get real about what was really going on. What was really keeping me from feeling like I had the choice - and the power - to navigate my own life in a way that was not only successful but satisfying. 


Denying My Knowing (Authenticity)

I actually started out feeling just about everything. Honestly, shutting down my heart and dialing down my intuition was probably a legitimate survival mechanism. Often people's words wouldn't match what I sensed, leaving me more than a little confused. Was what I felt not true? 

Coupled with being ostracized and isolated as a teenager and a very early, very intense heartbreak, I learned to be what people wanted me to be. I called myself "the chameleon" because I could adapt to absolutely any group or situation. 

Without a clear identity of my own, going along to get along was the name of the game. In order to do that, I had to continually deny my own feelings and awarenesses. My unconscious  objective: "What do I need to be in order to be loved?"

The thing is if we are loved for a persona is that really love?

Derailing my Dreams (Possibility)

Without a sense of who I was, what else is there to do besides what's expected? There wasn't much - if any - thought as to where my life was headed. Generally, I stumbled into whatever was next. 

Even when I did have a specific destination in mind, it wasn't uncommon for me to quickly abandon my plans for someone else's.  

Remember, I had done whatever I had to in order to get love, now my goal was to keep it. That meant a fair amount of people-pleasing; trying to keep my loved ones happy often by putting their needs and desires above my own. 

Always playing it safe and being cautious to not rock the boat. I had a deep-seated fear of confrontation.  My job was to keep the peace at all cost and the cost was always to me. I paid a very hefty price indeed.


Doing to Prove my Worth (Empowerment)

Constantly unsure of my value (I mean how could I know my own worth when I didn't even know myself?) I became a master at "doing." It started out as a way to prove my worth. Being needed, being indispensable, being the one people always turned to when they needed help made me feel valued but only as long as I was doing something for someone else. 

But there was another reason to stay in constant motion. If I sat still there was a danger that all those feelings and awareness I had denied would come to the surface and I'd have to deal with them. Eventually, I'd have to admit that while I had all the "boxes" checked, I wasn't truly satisfied with my life. 

Delaying my Destiny (Truth)

Who's life was I living anyway? Certainly not mine! How could I be? Every little - and big - thing in my life was about the "other." What someone else wanted or needed from me. Or what I needed to be in order for them to be happy - or be upset with me,or not leave me.  Where was I in the equation? 

Life may look good - or even great on the outside like mine did. But no amount of achievement, acquisition or accomplishment will ever fill the hole where your Soul belongs. Individually, the previous sacrifices may not seem so fatalistic to some. Combined, they add up to the ultimate sacrifice  - the sacrifice of one's own Soul.  

There is a path we are intended to walk and a destination we are meant to reach. I was not on my  path.  The longer we subject ourselves to these sacrifices the longer it will take to fulfill your purpose and satisfy your Soul. 


Living, Loving and Working as a Soul

Too often we end up living lives that are "externally referenced." Focused "out there" and neglecting what's "in here." This way of being will never provide you with the life deep purpose, meaning and satisfaction you crave.

Each and every one of us holds a specific set of unique energies needed on the planet. You were born because the world needs you. Not the "you" you've learned how to be but the you you were designed to be.

Within you lies a spark of the divine. It is the potential of your becoming. We can continue to  live "lives of quiet desperation" or we can choose to access the divine within ourselves and use it to navigate our lives, relationships and businesses. This is Divine Navigation.

Know who you truly are. Own your worth. Walk your path. Serve from your Soul.


"If we get too overly focused on a particular destination we may miss our destiny"

Ronda Renée never could have imagined her journey would bring her here. From fashion college, to construction professional, to a translator of Souls, the path has been anything but straight but it has been divine - divinely guided that is.

As a Spiritual Coach and Spiritual Business Coach, Ronda Renée's work of Divine Navigation transformed her own life followed by countless others.  The foundational Divine Coordinates process is the identification of the specific energetic frequency of your Soul, and teaches you exactly how to vibrate at that unique frequency -  bringing to you all that's meant for you. 

Once this divine connection is made, clients experience fulfillment and purpose in their lives and businesses in ways they never imagined possible. Once your Divine Navigation System is activated, there is no need to rely on outside sources, material possessions, or other people for fulfillment... it comes from the only place it ever could - within.

And that brings us to you…

e often know at a deep level we are here to experience a life that is truly aligned with our greatest possibilities. A sort of knowing within that we are meant (destined) to experience ourselves in a state of fulfillment we have not yet reached. 

For most of us, this inner knowing has led us to countless trainings, classes, coaches and guides. And yet, the “knowing” we’ve not quite gotten there still grows...

For others of us, we’ve now met our Soul… and that coveted alignment with our greatest possibilities is our new state of being.

And, remains the greatest “work” we’ve ever done. 

We’ve simply said yes to that journey… finally.

The elements of your Divine Purpose are hidden deep within your Soul. There is a specific set of coordinates that make up the frequency of your individual Soul, of YOU. These coordinates are the building blocks of your purpose, the reason you've incarnated, and who you're meant to become. The reality is that they are unknown to us until...we stand gazing into in our own accurate reflection. 

It starts when you connect with a community and mentors who stand for you and your possibilities, who see you... until you do.


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