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Alignment with your Soul is your key to abundance

When we are in struggle or don’t have the level of abundance we desire, it is easy to fall into the trap of doing more, working harder and pushing to make something happen. But abundance is not solely a result of action (read that again). If it were we could all do the exact same things and get the exact same results. But, that’s simply not what happens. 

Time and again, we see people using the exact same concepts and business models yet getting wildly different results. Why is this? It all begins with Alignment with your Soul.

My own personal definition of abundance is “the experience I am having of myself in relationship to my finances and business revenue as well as my time and material belongings.”  Notice the emphasis here on it being an experience. Take a moment to tune into your own current experience of abundance. Do you feel expansion? Or contraction?

What is a Business with Soul?

In this day and age we are most often referring to money when we refer to abundance. But money is simply feedback from the universe as to whether or not you are in alignment with your true self (your Soul) and what you were meant to do in the world. If money is flowing in your life, you are on the right track. If it’s not, it may be time to check in with where you may be out of alignment.

As our careers and businesses are the primary avenue by which we receive money, let’s look at how this pertains to your alignment and thereby your abundance. Most often when we are choosing what to do for a living, people begin with “What can I make money at” or “what will work.“ We have conversations with ourselves such as “I know how to ……..” “I have connections in…….” “I went to school or have been trained for….” 

You’ve seen it. You may have even experienced it. Yet, as a whole we continue to primarily use logical external criteria for making these choices rather than meaning, purpose and alignment. Let alone our Souls. Your abundance does not lie in what you “could” do or what “might” work. Your abundance depends on fully aligning with the truth of who you really are  (your Soul)  and then choosing what to do to share your contribution.

This alignment is what draws abundance to us. You see, each of us was designed to express and experience a specific set of energies. These energies represent the truest essence of you. 

They are literally a compass for your authentic self. This compass will direct you to the truest essence of YOU. The closer you are aligned to the truth of who you are the easier it is for the universe to find you. And it wants to find you!

Your abundance is waiting for you.

It simply can’t show up while you are being anything other than completely yourself. When we aren’t being true to ourselves; when we are too focused on what other people think; when we are living a life of “have-to’s” and “shoulds” or choosing how to spend our precious moments doing something for pay that we don’t love, we are out of alignment with our Soul and that always shows up as struggle and lack.

The key to receiving all the abundance that is waiting for you, is aligning with The Business in Your Soul®. This is a business built on the partnering of your unique energies, your gifts and talents and the difference you are most meant to make. It is the divine work that you were put on this earth to do and share with the world. When you do that your reward is abundance and so much more. 

Ready to allow in all of the joy, purpose, fulfillment and abundance that is waiting for you…

You can align with your true self and highest purpose as expressed in your career or business.