master manifestor

Are you a Master Manifestor?

Attaining master manifestor status is the ultimate dream of every law of attraction student. Imagine the ability to manifest whatever you want – on demand. Who wouldn’t want your every desire to be met? Who wouldn’t want to be able to have your wishes fulfilled instantaneously?

But are we really meant to have such power is the question. Would having everything we want actually make us happier? More fulfilled? We may think being bestowed with the status of master manifestor will finally quiet the inner turmoil so many of us feel. More importantly, what would make us better humans.


What is a Master Manifestor?

As we explore what is a master manifestor, let’s first consider our wants, desires and wishes. And if they all created equally. What is their source? Where would they take us? One wonders who we would be if we had everything we wanted.

Let’s start by taking a moment to identify something you’d like to manifest. Be it a relationship, a better job, a specific number in your bank account, a fancier car, a bigger house or something else. Don’t move on until you have one; just one for now. 

Next, let’s consider the source of this desire. Why is it you want to manifest a relationship? What is it you want in a new job or career? If you had a bigger bank account, ask yourself what you would do with that money. Dig underneath the surface and get honest about what it is you think getting that thing will give you. That’s your true desire. The experience you believe you’ll have when this specific wish is fulfilled. The experience you aren’t currently having of yourself. 

Chances are no matter which type of desire you identified, the source of the want is connected to lack or not enoughness. We blame the lack of this item in our lives for how we are feeling, thinking and acting. Meaning, you are likely affirming the absence of what you want rather than its presence. Each time you look at your bank account, how do you feel? When you open that dating app, what are you thinking? How about when you are doing a job search, what are the sensations going through your body? 

If you’re wondering what is a master manifestor, chances are you may have inadvertently been affirming what you don’t have this whole time. Said another way, you may have unconsciously been repelling what you really want rather than attracting it. Now you can see why it so often feels like what we want is beyond our grasp. If you’re ready to stop the disappointment and start living in satisfaction, it’s time to learn how to become a master manifestor.

How to become a master manifestor

The first step in how to become a master manifestor is to be honest with yourself about your desires. Is your desire motivational or aspirational? Meaning, are you running away from something (usually avoiding pain) or toward something (generally seeking pleasure). In short, ask if you are running toward pleasure or away from pain.

If you look closely you’ll notice how any want connected to an avoidance of pain is generally based in the past. In a direct or in-direct experience that we are attempting to not repeat or relive. On the other hand aspirational wants and desires are firmly planted in the future. Here we are generally making an attempt to model something we’ve seen that we hope will finally make us whole in some way.

Neither one of these approaches will get you what you want. Why? Because when you are focused on how to become a master manifestor your focus belongs here in the present moment – not in the past or the future. In fact, the only place we can manifest from is the present.

It might seem illogical at first but hang in here. The fact is you can only manifest from the present moment. Anything that’s not in this moment cannot show up in the next. You might be thinking “then how does anything ever change?” The subtle distinction here is the difference between circumstances creating your experience versus your experience creating your circumstances.

As long as we live as if our circumstances are in control of the experience we get to have of ourselves (at Divine Navigation we refer to this as external referencing), we continue to be at the effect of the world around us rather than affecting the world around us. In this paradigm we place our attention on the outside rather than on the inside.

You see, true manifestation is and always has been based on the experience you are having of yourself. Your internal experience creates you outer circumstances not the other way around. It is not until one comes into vibrational resonance with that which you desire that it can enter your reality. 

This means rather than waiting until after this desire enters your life to experience the feelings you desire, you must begin to command your feelings and emotions now. How to become a master manifestor is based on becoming energetically congruent with what you want so you can have it.

How to be a master manifestor

The secret of how to be a master manifestor is hidden in your vibrational centers of being. Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit. Each center of being plays a role in bringing your desires into reality. If you don’t have resonance in each of these centers, you won’t see your manifestations come to life.

It all starts with Divine Alignment. Here is where the truth we uncovered about the source of your wishes needs to be pure in the sense that your desires must be part of your Soul’s plan for you. While a Divine Being may not miss out on what’s meant for them, they also can’t have everything they want. Sorry to say, your Soul’s journey may not include some of the things your personality covets.

Once Alignment is there, you’ll use your Awareness to monitor your feelings and thoughts. Staying aware of our own vibrational field – are we in expansion or contraction – is paramount to how to be a master manifestor. Nothing can come in to a contracted space. Being in an expansive state is required to manifest what you want. Again, as long as it is in Alignment with your Soul.

The next key is Affirmation. We touched on this earlier. Too often we don’t realize we are affirming the absence of our desires which means they inevitably remain absent from our lives. To affirm the presence of your wish, fast forward to the feelings you would have once you had it. Feeling those feelings now (which is what’s actually under the desire anyway) is the shortcut to manifesting anything. 

The final key is Attainment. This is different from Achievement, Acquisition or Accomplishment in that Attainment doesn’t happen outside of you. As with most meaningful things in life, it is an inside job. Attainment is the embodiment of the energetic state that ensures the manifestation of your desires when there is a vibrational match between your Soul and your desire. 

It is the embodiment of our Soul that brings us what’s meant for us. As long as we are chasing the desires of the personality – even if we reach supposed master manifestor status – we may be missing out on what’s truly ours to have. 

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