Activate Your Ascension

An experiential mini-training to awaken your Soul’s desires. 

It's time to meet your Soul, to live in alignment, and to make the contribution you were born to make.
Here's how you do that...

The journey of the Soul to reach higher and higher expressions of itself is an innate drive within each of us.
Whether you are searching for your purpose, seeking more satisfaction or looking to accelerate your impact, your Soul’s evolution, your ascension, is the key.
There’s also a very predictable obstacle to that experience unique to each one of us. It’s hidden in plain sight and it’s keeping you from experiencing all the goodness that’s waiting for you.
Once you identify the specific energy blocking your ascension, your purpose and fulfillment will be more accessible, your path will be more clear and your journey will be more joyful!

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Begin the path to your greatest fulfillment and satisfaction.

Not some day. Today.

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It's time to clear the way. You’re about to embark on an experiential Mini Audio Training to activate your own ascension.


This experiential 15-minute training will...

  • Take you to a whole new level of understanding your path
  • Shine a light on what might be blocking your ascension
  • Give you an experience of the expansion that’s waiting for you

Plus, you have the opportunity to qualify for a private Divine Next Steps Session with me.


This special training will shine a light on what might be blocking your ascension and take you to a whole new level of understanding your path. It’s my intention that this experience opens up a new awakening for you.


Let go of who you have been in order to truly be who you ARE.

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Meet Ronda

For over a decade, Ronda Renée has helped 1000’s of Souls come into alignment. She’s the founder of the transformational modality of Divine Navigation®️ and creator of the Divine Coordinates®️ process. In 2009, after over a decade of service in a sales career and obtaining all the ‘things’ she thought would bring her happiness and fulfillment, Ronda still felt something was missing in her life. So she embarked on an intense inner exploration that led her to discover her life’s work of teaching people how to live, love, and work from their Soul.

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Experience knowing yourself at a deeper level!