Why Affirmations Don’t Work and Why Intentions are Better

why affirmations don't work

If you’ve ever used them without results, you’ve probably wondered why affirmations don’t work. For as popular as the concept is, it’s surprising to discover how often this manifestation tool falls short. Even worse, if you’re not careful they can leave you feeling more hopeless and inadequate than ever.   Let’s begin by breaking down the meaning…

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Being vs Doing: A journey to clarity

Feet steeping on a dirt path with lavender plants lining each side

In a society that glorifies being busy, the concept of being vs doing can be hard to convey and even harder to grasp. However, when it comes to purpose and fulfillment it’s a distinction of supreme importance. Without creating an understanding of the difference between being vs doing we run the risk of never finding…

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What if I missed it?

what if i'd missed it

Fourteen years ago my Soul spoke to me. Well, it was less like a voice and more like a lightning bolt. It’s the reason I am where I am today. What if I’d missed it? Nearly twelve years ago, my Soul spoke to me again. In a client session when another process I was using…

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