Life Mastery and the Search for Meaning

life mastery

Life mastery. Seems like a pretty tall order. Probably sounds a little – or a lot – like wishful thinking to some (and likely to all of us in certain moments). Considering all the moving parts and things we can’t control, how does one hope to master life anyway? The short answer is we don’t.…

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What is a Mastermind Group: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

what is a mastermind group

What is a mastermind group? Many have asked the question resulting in just as many answers. Even though a widely used term it seems to be just as widely misunderstood. A term first introduced by Napoleon Hill in his iconic book Think and Grow Rich, the term mastermind and mastermind group have come to hold…

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Powerful Lessons from Bob Marley for Your Life and Your Business

Bob Marley is without question an icon and a legend. (I suppose that’s why they named one of his albums Legend.) Aside from his music, he is known as a powerful peace advocate. In 2024 the biopic movie, One Love, was released about his life.  I was blessed to be introduced to Bob Marley’s music…

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Leaving a Legacy Behind

Concrete steps with quote about leaving a legacy on the risers

If we’re honest with ourselves, leaving a legacy sounds a little daunting, doesn’t it? Evoking images of saving the planet, ending starvation, eliminating suffering or the likes, it can feel like we are way too small to make such a big difference.  By default we tend to think of legends like Martin Luther King, Mother…

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