How To Claim Your Power Back

claim your power 3 comp

There are three essential elements to how to claim your power back. Claiming your power back is key to living an authentic, autonomous life. All of us struggle from time to time with feeling powerful. There are so many ways we inadvertently abdicate, hand over, or back away from our power.  It’s not really a…

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 Creating a Business with Soul

a business with soul

Creating a  business with Soul may seem like a pipe dream. Just the term business can conjure up cutthroat, profit-at-all-cost sorts of images like oil spills and chemical contaminated crops. What does Soul even have to do with business?  Thankfully we are at the dawning of a new age. More and more business owners, especially…

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How to Set an Intention for Manifestation

How to set an intention for manifestation

The word intention gets used in a bunch of different ways these days. When it comes to how to set an intention for manifestation we need to be sure we understand what the meaning of intention is and be sure we are using them in the right way for maximum results.   Setting an intention for…

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Soul Tribe and Our Sense of Belonging

soul tribe circle of feet in sand

Soul tribe; the perhaps mythical place where we feel a deep sense of belonging and connection. Where we are valued for our inherent worth and our divine perfection is reflected back to us. Where we are affirmed in our existence and affirmed of our place in it. The desire to find our Soul Tribe is…

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