Why Is This Happening: Life’s most poignant question

“Why is this happening?” is a common question when life throws us a curveball. Far too often we are led to believe that once we find our purpose and are living intentionally that everything will be all “rainbows and unicorns.” So, when “life happens” to us it can be easy to doubt ourselves. ” Am…

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How to Manifest without a New Year Resolution

How to Manifest Crystal ball

January 1st marks the New Year when we traditionally reflect on the year that has just ended. And, list all the things we hope to manifest in the coming year. Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions at this time because we think it’s how to manifest what we want in our lives. Wrongly assuming that…

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27 Indicators You Are Not Aligned with Your Divine Purpose

flower candle lit in water with Buddha statue

Living your Divine Purpose and finding your Divine Purpose has finally made it to our social vernacular as we’ve continued to aspire to the Live Your Best Life prescription. The differences in the two pursuits are truly worlds apart. “Live Your Best Life” is commonly seen as living the high life, slaying goals, cashing checks…

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The One Thing That is Guaranteed to Jeopardize your Spiritual Business

One Thing That is Guaranteed to Jeopardize your Spiritual Business

When we think about what makes a business a spiritual business, one of the key distinctions is a commitment to service. The word service is at the forefront for most conscious entrepreneurs these days. While what that looks like and how that shows up continues to grow and evolve. On the surface we may think…

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