What Are My Gifts? Finding Your Spiritual Gifts to Serve Humanity

what are my gifts

In a world full of flashy influencers, what are my gifts and how we are contributing to humanity is sometimes hard to imagine. Finding your spiritual gifts to serve the world may not be everyone’s aspiration. Even if not in service, answering the question “what are my gifts?” will point us in the direction of…

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What is a Spiritual Coach and Who Should Hire One

The term spiritual coach and spiritual life coach are often used synonymously. While there are many similarities there are also differences. When you are considering hiring a spiritual coach (or spiritual life coach), there may be some nuances to consider.  Let’s start with the similarities. Both a spiritual coach and a spiritual life coach are…

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The gift of joy… It’s not what you’ve been told

the gift of joy

The gift of joy is a gift we all hope to receive. We imagine joy arriving on the doorstep of our lives like a big glorious immaculately wrapped package with a gigantic bow.  We envision days filled with flow (and maybe a few flowers) and flights of fancy – maybe along with a few flowers.…

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High Income Skills: Do You Make the Grade?

high income skills

High income skills continue to be on the minds of business owners and employees alike. These special skills set your business apart from the would-be competition in the marketplace as well as the job market. Cultivating high income skills in one’s self as well as your team imperative. These skills are going to become more…

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