Soul Tribe and Our Sense of Belonging

soul tribe circle of feet in sand

Soul tribe; the perhaps mythical place where we feel a deep sense of belonging and connection. Where we are valued for our inherent worth and our divine perfection is reflected back to us. Where we are affirmed in our existence and affirmed of our place in it. The desire to find our Soul Tribe is…

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The Invitation to Being Unique

being unique Different colored umbrella suspended above an alley mimicking a roof

The invitation to being unique may arrive as a gentle nudge or as a clamoring roar. The craving to be unique is as crucial (and natural) as craving your next breath. Feel it? That ping in your gut that doesn’t quite know how to get out. That longing to express something… authentic. The yearning to…

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Are you a Master Manifestor?

master manifestor

Attaining master manifestor status is the ultimate dream of every law of attraction student. Imagine the ability to manifest whatever you want – on demand. Who wouldn’t want your every desire to be met? Who wouldn’t want to be able to have your wishes fulfilled instantaneously? But are we really meant to have such power…

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The 4 Elements of Alchemy in Life and in Business

Large oak tree surrounded by mist with light shining through

With the 4 elements of alchemy no matter which philosophy or spiritual lineage we consult we find an overlap. From Native American traditions to Chinese Medicine, the lineage and heritage of the four elements are represented across cultures and across the globe. These alchemical elements are said to be the basis for all life –…

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