Denial of your Authentic Self eventually leads to dis-ease

Woman filling empty space with missing piece of her authentic self white heart puzzle

While the benefits of being your authentic self are extolled, what’s not talked about often enough is the cost of not being your authentic self. What is the authentic self? It’s your purest, most natural state of being, free from the pain and programming we all experience over the course of our lives. What is…

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Spiritual Entrepreneur or One In the Making: 13 Qualities to Cultivate

statue of spiritual deity with offerings of coins

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are changing the world. In fact, they may be the only ones who can. Let’s face it, no matter how you look at it there’s a lot that needs changing or improving in the world. That’s why spiritual entrepreneurs are needed now more than ever. While the business-as-usual business model puts profit above…

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Poignant Lessons My Father Left Behind

young girl holding hands with her father

Every time Father’s Day comes around I find myself surprised all over again that my father is no longer on the planet because in so many ways he is with me every day. There was a time when Father’s Day was hard for me because his passing was just days after. Some years it even…

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Do Paid Discovery Sessions Lead To More Coaching Clients?

Young boy looking through binoculars while sitting on a stack of antique suitcases

The Discovery Session (also known as a Strategy Session) is a fundamental strategy for client enrollment in the coaching industry as well as for healing programs and personal and spiritual development trainings. However, the way most coaches and healers are using this strategy isn’t working for them as effectively as it could be. The most…

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