How To Claim Your Power Back

claim your power 3 comp

There are three essential elements to how to claim your power back. Claiming your power back is key to living an authentic, autonomous life. All of us struggle from time to time with feeling powerful. There are so many ways we inadvertently abdicate, hand over, or back away from our power.  It’s not really a…

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You Are Enough: Tapping Into Your Worth

Knowing you are enough can be a delicate balance. We get mixed messages that we should be confident but not too egoic or “full” of ourselves. We want to feel worthy and yet we can’t help but compare ourselves to others. Let’s face it, we don’t get a lot of messages that support the idea…

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Shadow Work: The What, Where, When and Why

shadow work woman trying on masks

The call to shadow work always seems to come at the most and  least opportune time. The least opportune in that we generally become aware of our shadows and a possible need for shadow work because we find ourselves in the throes of a reaction that perhaps feels inappropriate to the circumstance we find ourselves…

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 Creating a Business with Soul

a business with soul

Creating a  business with Soul may seem like a pipe dream. Just the term business can conjure up cutthroat, profit-at-all-cost sorts of images like oil spills and chemical contaminated crops. What does Soul even have to do with business?  Thankfully we are at the dawning of a new age. More and more business owners, especially…

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