Why the Business-as-Usual Business Model Will NEVER Work for a Soulful Business

Let’s take a peek at the intentions in that business-as-usual business model.

In a business-as-usual business there are usually three primary objectives and they usually show up in this order:

  1. Make a profit: Let’s just call it out. When choosing what type of business to start, the vast majority of people start here. “What will make me money?” becomes the primary driving force. Whenever you are in it only for the money, the money won’t come – period.
  2. Fill a need in the marketplace: In order to make that profit (#1) what will people pay for. I see this happen far too often with the service based entrepreneurs I work with. They’ve often spent far too much time trying to build a business around what they think people will buy rather than what their soul really wants them to do. And it never works!
  3. Use the skills we’ve accumulated over the course of our professional lives: This comes down to “what do I know how to do?” This is another one that I see people defaulting to far too often! Like the CFO that just can’t let go of the MBA and the three decades of experience even though their heart is calling them somewhere completely different. So again, it just never works.

What is a Soulful Business Model?

In your Soul FULL Business, the order is completely reversed and in essence we turn our backs on the business-as-usual business model:

  1. Your Soul’s evolution: Hands down this is the primary driver and intention (conscious or unconscious) in a Soul FULL Business. Nothing will bring up your “stuff” faster and more frequently than running a business that involves your soul’s purpose. Your business will grow and expand in direct correlation to your own growth and expansion. All ways and always!
  2. The specific healing or change that you want to see in the world: Different than simply filling that need in the marketplace, we start with “the change you want to see in the world” and THEN identify what people are actually looking for. The intersection of where those meet is what people will pay you for – and well!
  3. Make a great living WHILE making a difference: You do deserve to be richly rewarded for the difference you make and you will if it is your difference to make. We identify that through identifying your soul’s message through your Divine Coordinates®. Profit never comes when it is the sole driver in your business and yet you do need to keep the lights on! You should totally have both – and can!

The magic I have witnessed in businesses using the simple 3 step process of Soul FULL Business Planning, has been awe inspiring! Imagine making the difference you were born to make with people happily paying you well for that difference all while you become a better you! I can’t imagine a way to make a living!

Here’s to you making a massive difference and a great income!

There is a Business in Your Soul. Is that the business you are in?