Certified Coaches

Ronda Renée, Divine NavigationRonda Renée

Founder of Divine Navigation Read more about Ronda.



Beverly DeLorenzo; Maui, HawaiiBeverly DeLorenzo

I work with successful women business owners who are looking to experience more meaning and satisfaction in their life! Read more about Beverly.


Karen FritzKaren Fritz

I work with right-brain business women who are feeling the growing pains of success, want to delegate but don’t know what or how. Read more about Karen.


Susan Mason-Apps, M.Sc.Susan Mason-Apps

I guide people dealing with challenging life and/or health situations to trust that they have what it takes to heal, grow and expand into the next greatest version of themselves and to embrace the meaning offered in the challenges. Read more about Susan.

Lois KnissLois Kniss

I work with women who care deeply about the world and about others, and really want to make a difference, but have realized that though they’ve taken good care of everyone else, they have lost a sense of knowing who they are and what they really want. Read more about Lois.


Shaughnessey MillerShaughnessey Miller

I work with people-pleasing women who are constantly putting their wants and desires behind everyone else’s. Women who put themselves last and likely lack fulfillment and passion in their life. Read more about Shaughnessey.

Aimee Phlegar

I work with women who are sinking in suffering (anxiety, panic, depression, eating disorders, addictions, PTSD and other trauma) and looking for a way out- to find themselves again and take back their lives. Read more about Aimee.

Rose Marie SwansonRose Marie Swanson

I work with women who have tried everything and still have not accomplished their dreams or feel as if something is still missing in their life. Women who have a desire to reach beyond the limits and create their own power! Read more about Rose Marie.