Beverly DeLorenzo


"Be the Leader of Your Life!"


I Ignite Self-Reliance through Self-Acceptance and Alignment; Empowering Confidence

My Divine Navigation Story

As a person committed to my personal growth and evolution, I had invested many hours and dollars in to heal wounding and embrace life more fully. My work with Ronda Renee and Divine Navigation has provided with me tools to truly step into the fullness of me!

Prior to working with Ronda, I was very aware of one of my major default behaviors of playing small. Every time I attended a workshop or retreat, I would leave committing to stop playing small. So for a few weeks after each experience, I would hold this in my awareness. Then as I integrated back into my daily life, eventually I would return to the familiar behaviors.

Knowing my Divine Coordinates and living in alignment with them as a part of my daily life has provided me with "a map" to really know HOW to step into my life fully, to Show Up and Shine! It has also helped me understand  how experiences in my past that were difficult to experience and comprehend served me to live in alignment with my Divine Coordinates way before I had any idea such a tool existed (actually way before it showed up to be of service to the World).

One of the added benefits of knowing who I truly am and living in alignment with who I am here to be is that I am serving others as a Divine Navigation Coach and empowering other women to step into their next level of greatness!  I am honored to hold the space and reflect the magnificence of each woman I work with celebrate the fullness of who they are!

"I work with successful women business owners who are looking to experience more meaning and satisfaction in their life! I help them create an experience of wholeness; living a life that is meaningful and satisfying on a daily basis."


"I began working with Beverly at a pivotal point in my life and career. My work with Beverly has given me the tools to go through my day-to-day life with more poise and grace, because I have a better grasp on what fulfills me and what doesn't serve me. Both my personal and professional life have benefited greatly from working with Beverly. Beverly has a gift for recognizing the unique and outstanding in her clients and supporting them to bring themselves more fully into every aspect of life. The change in my quality of life is profound!"  ~ Jillyn Dillon


"Beverly reminds me of everything I know to already be true inside of me but sometimes forget because of a non-supportive and abusive past. The tools she is giving me to eliminate the confusion and negativity from my life are amazing…energy and awareness are shifting regularly and dramatically in a way that is only to be described as a beautiful magical blessing…for so long I thought I could do this healing/shifting on my own……to share it with a true sister, friend and divine navigator has made it a million times more enjoyable and has sped up the process entirely …To imagine and be heading toward a life of only ease, only peace, only love, clarity and inspiration is to reside in a heavenly place. To know and to be able to forgo the negativity and embrace my life's purpose is the greatest gift…thank you Beverly so much!" ~Annamarie Goodreau


"Beverly DeLorenzo is a great life coach! She is excellent at drawing out key issues and facilitating me to come to solutions and commit to actions that would help me achieve my personal goals. Bev helped me to clarify situations and come to my own conclusions about my best course of action. In one single session, Bev was able to help me see critical areas that could be improved with subtle changes in my behavior and priorities. I feel more in control of my life and positive about myself." ~Barbara Potts