Karen Fritz


"It was never about getting to some destination. Your Divine Coordinates are all about your experience of the Journey!"


I Activate Unique Expression through Intimacy and Transformation; Living Joy in Action

My Divine Navigation Story

Knowing my Divine Coordinates has given direction and guidance in everything from my business design to recognizing patterns in my interactions with my teen sons. Rather than just feeling lost in the circumstances, I know what direction my soul is urging me and specific approaches to moving into more alignment with what is emerging.

As I continue to enjoy exploring other systems, I'm amazed at how they can map back to the simple clarity of USING my Divine Coordinates. It's like having the master template for the systems and a blueprint for how my life wants to come into form.

"I work with right-brain business women who are feeling the growing pains of success, want to streamline and grow but don't know what or how, creative visionaries who have changed careers and are discovering that the tactics from their past don't align with their strategy for their future and folks who have transitioned from corporate to entrepreneurship and aren't getting the results they expected.


"I always feel Karen is present with me, listening to me and standing for who I truly am. We are in a partnership, and she seems to have no other agenda than my freedom. … I would recommend her without reservation as a coach and am excited at the prospect of what she can make possible for her future clients." ~JS, New York


"Working with Karen was very liberating. I began to feel calmer, lighter, and considerably more 'free in the moment.' Moving nimbly through situations that would have caused trepidations or anger in the past, now met with a calm heart and steady nerves. What a relief! I indeed feel healed in many senses, relieved of burdens that did not need to be carried, free of emotional reactions that no longer serve me. The result of working with Karen is peace; enduring peace." ~VD, Colorado


"Karen has been so much fun to work with! She listened deeply for where my business is heading, and helped me have a bigger picture of how to manage the day-to-day tasks, placing them in the context of the larger vision. She saw opportunities for growth both in how I could expand my client base, as well as how I do the logistical detail work, so that I can expand more fluidly. I am feeling much more confident and at ease as I implement the systems she offered. She is a visionary map-maker, and as I've worked with her, I truly have enJOYed the ride!!" ~LK, VA