Lois Kniss


"When you belong to yourself, you’ll be at home in the universe."


I Create Harmony through Belonging and Self-Trust; Awakening Joyous Presence

My Divine Navigation Story

How do you describe a completely life-changing effect?? From drifting along, doing all the "right things", feeling guilty about being dissatisfied because my life looked okay on the surface, with nothing being "that bad", wanting to make changes, but not having the tools or the strength in spite of many years of personal development work …

To a life where I am able to savor all aspects of my life, even the more challenging times, because I know where to look to make needed adjustments.  I know that life is For me, and that I am supported and loved from a Source deep within.

My Divine Coordinates are my touchstone for getting back on track when things get off balance, and they help me navigate my life with purpose, joy & satisfaction!

Through knowing my Divine Coordinates®, I found a way to serve that fits me, and is a healing gift to those with whom I work.

I work with women who care deeply about the world and about others, and really want to make a difference, but have realized that though they've taken good care of everyone else, they have lost a sense of knowing who they are and what they really want. They may be at a turning point in their life, their work or their relationships, and even with having done their share of personal growth work, they still feel pulled in all directions, and end up settling or playing small.

I help them rediscover and explore their inner landscape, and they learn how to care for themselves and relate to others in powerful and life-giving ways.  They create a life that reflects their truth, instead of what they were taught they "should" do and be.  They experience freedom and fulfillment, have deeper connections in their personal and work relationships, and they feel more juicy and alive.

Additional Services/Specialties: Licensed Art of Feminine Presence™ Teacher


"Working with Lois as my life coach has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.
I have engaged in many years of therapy with several therapists.
I have attended many workshops and classes geared towards growth.
There has been nothing more powerful or transforming than this work I did with Lois.
"Soul Gardening" is a right name for what happens when you work with her.
I have tools. I have new perspectives. I have grown.
I am grateful.
Peace and Love." ~ Maureen A.


"My work with Lois has been a journey of opening myself to a new understanding of who I am and how I function in the world.
This journey of self-acceptance and growing in self-compassion has enriched my relationships with my family and others.
Learning the use of boundaries has brought clarity and freedom in situations where there used to be conflict. At one time I would have gotten emotionally involved in family dynamics that I now realize are someone else's problem - NOT mine. Now I can relax and enjoy being with family without needing to assume responsibility that as an older sibling I was tempted to assume!
As a result of this work, I am able to be grounded and centered in a self-awareness which enables me to bring joy, hope and healing to those around me."~ Jean M.