Marli Thibodeau


"I see the divine radiant light of your soul, beautiful one. Now is your time to shine"


I Enrich Divine Reflection through Allowing and Illuminating; Experiencing the Infinite

My Divine Navigation Story

Receiving my Divine Coordinates has given me a clearer picture of who I am and what I have to offer to the world.  It serves as a map to locate myself on my spectrum of energies and a guide to self-correct through life's inevitable turbulence.  I am clearer in the roots of the work I am offering to the world, and my coordinates allow me to rest into them, knowing they guide me in how I serve.

I work with people who are restless and know they are meant for more, but they find it elusive and just out of reach.

I help them create more access to their Divine Nature so they can embody their exquisite magnificence and live fully alive.


“Marli is infectious! She will inspire you to dance and to experience the beauty of yourself through movement. She is a clear compassionate vehicle of love." ~Amara Pagano, Founder Azul Conscious Movement.


My admiration for Marli's commitment to the creative process of transformation, love for nature and movement inspires this in others. When she teaches, it is magical, humbling, energizing, and pure joy to be in her guidance. She gave me permission to be free while she led with subtle instruction, always open to and honored the artist within me. Thank you Marli, Love Jamie


Thank you for your loving support - mostly for the deep presence that you hold. ~Annette