Rose Marie Swanson


"Revealing your true self is the key to inspiring your purpose."


I Discover Creative Power through Connection and Self-trust; Revealing the "I AM"

My Divine Navigation Story

I searched my whole life, feeling as if something was missing.  I now know it was me - my Divine Coordinates - the truth of who 'I am' that was missing.  Divine Navigation gave that to me!

I work with women who have tried everything and still have not accomplished their dreams or feel as if something is still missing in their life. Women who have a desire to reach beyond the limits and create their own power!

I  help them create: Living the Life of their Dreams accomplishing happiness.

Additional Services/Specialties: Akashic Records Readings and Sacred Activations


"I am a completely different person after working with Rose Marie! I started out very unhappy in most areas of my life. Now, I have such greater understanding of the whys and how to best live my life through my Divine Coordinates creating the life I always wanted. I am forever grateful for my work with Rose Marie Swanson." ~EH, Charleston, SC

"Before working with Rose Marie, my life was one of confusion and unhappiness. After learning my Divine Coordinates I was able to turn my life around and find a new direction for myself.  Thank you Rose Marie Swanson." ~DC, NY,NY

"I have always questioned my direction in life - If I was doing the right thing. Now that I have received my Divine Coordinates and have learned to 'be' them I know what I am meant to do and have such happiness in my life now. Rose Marie Swanson you have been such a blessing for me."  ~JS, Charleston, SC