Susan Mason Apps, M.Sc.


"When you don’t know what to do… imagine you do!"

Susan Mason-Apps

I Actualize Liberation through Nurturing and Magic; Activating Enlightenment!

My Divine Navigation Story

Prior to having my Divine Coordinates I was spinning my wheels. I had a sense of where I wanted to be yet had never recognized myself, my gifts, my joys or my truth. It felt like that was something that other people could experience, but not me. In my Divine Coordinates session (in 2012), when Ronda read to me the statement of my energies, I felt like I had finally been seen for the first time, in the fullness of who that person truly was. I cried - a lot.

In the 4+ years since I began working with my Divine Coordinates, I have explored deeply into who I was trained to be and also who I truly am. I connect with my energies daily and I am constantly amazed at how they show up to teach me about my truth, and my training. Choices are easier because I can see what things fit, and what doesn't.

I have become aware of how I put other people's needs ahead of my own and have made changes in many of my relationships. Most notably, I am now at the top of my list, the majority of the time. I see where I feel stuck and imprisoned and have taken responsibility for making the appropriate changes.  I see through the eyes of limitless possibility instead of within-the-box kind of thinking. I have felt a profound level of permission to be me that I never knew before.

I see the areas that challenge me and now have the tools to make improvements with awareness and enlightenment.  Going about my daily life I see when I limit myself and which energy is asking for me to show up in a bigger way. I have learned to surrender to the wisdom that my Divine Coordinates bring as the blueprint to navigate life as a Soul, not simply a Human.

So, how has my life changed?  Every moment of my life has been transformed through knowing my coordinates and subsequently, my willingness to connect with, embody, play with, and be guided by the energies that I have always been.

"I guide people dealing with challenging life and/or health situations to trust that they have what it takes to heal, grow and expand into the next greatest version of themselves and to embrace the meaning offered in the challenges. I work with women, men and teens.

When we work together they are able to recognize their truth, so that when fear and challenges arise, they are able to choose their right action and to act in spite of the fear, from a place of self-love and self-trust. They experience themselves as powerful and are able to take responsibility for their situations, seeing the meaning that arises from the challenges as the opportunity to more fully connect with who they truly are.

Additional Services/Specialties: Biofeedback Integration"


"Until I met, and worked with Susan, I hadn't met myself. I didn't know who I was and I was in crisis. Over the last few years, I have gone through a metamorphosis. Susan led me through it with advice, guidance and support that was thoughtful, intelligent and wise.  I am thankful to have learned so early in my life (I am 19yrs old) from such a beautifully powerful individual. Today I am on the happiest journey and I owe my success, in happiness and life, to Susan."  ~Laura, Uxbridge ON


"When I started working with Susan, I was in one of the darkest spaces I had ever been in. Throughout my journey, Susan has been able to help me feel empowered within myself and let go of the turmoil of the past.  She has helped me grow in so many ways and I have transformed from a place where I constantly felt sadness and pain into someone who now feels happy and liberated! My life is better because of her. I highly recommend anyone, to embrace a magical and transformational journey with Susan. "~Alicia, Toronto ON


"Susan has been a trusted partner on my journey of self-discovery.  Her ability to listen to and translate what I have experienced and felt over the last 6 years, has without question, helped me define and realize my purpose." ~Arthur, Uxbridge ON