What is conscious living?

Consciousness is the new buzz word. People talking about being "woke" and paying lip service to conscious living, environmental responsibility and social justice among other trendy causes. 

But consciousness is no fad. In fact, becoming conscious is part of why we are here. It is part of our collective purpose. 

So, how do you practice living consciously? What does it look like to bring consciousness into your everyday life? To really live it?

As we move through our days, it's easy to get a form of tunnel vision focused on our to-do lists, responsibilities and obligations. Moving so quickly to the next task that we don't even remember completing the last one. 

Ever left the house only to be plagued by thoughts such as: "Did I close the garage?" "Did I leave the curling iron on?" "Did I lock the front door?" These types of questions reveal moments of unconsciousness. Moments when we are going through the motions on autopilot. 

Beyond mantras and mala beads, meditation and medicinals, conscious living is about bringing mindfulness and meaning into every moment of our day - or at least as many as possible. It's about being fully present with ourselves and others; being aware and tending to our feelings and emotions; being honest about our needs and desires; and ultimately healing the world through healing ourselves.  

Conscious living is about doing our part to make the world a better place by first taking personal responsibility for our own little corner of the world through our thoughts and deeds. It's about walking our talk and being love in action. 

Together we'll explore practices for being more present and creating more consciousness in our lives. Not every tool will work the same for every body. You may gravitate to the stillness of traditional forms of meditation or you may find yourself more drawn to moving meditations such as yoga or tai-chi. On the other hand you may not believe mediation is for you at all. Not to worry, we've got plenty of options for you to choose from.

At the end of the day, conscious living will make way for more of what you want in your life. It will make way for more of what you want to see in the world. And most importantly it will make way for more peace and purpose in your life.


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how to manifest love

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Understanding Divine Alignment and its Life Changing Benefits

The state of Divine Alignment is no longer just a mythical state only mystics are believed to be able to attain. It is actually possible – even imperative – for each and every one of us to achieve this state of being. You don’t have to quit your job, leave your marriage, abandon your kids…
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Woman filling empty space with missing piece of her authentic self white heart puzzle

Denial of your Authentic Self eventually leads to dis-ease

While the benefits of being your authentic self are extolled, what’s not talked about often enough is the cost of not being your authentic self. What is the authentic self? It’s your purest, most natural state of being, free from the pain and programming we all experience over the course of our lives. What is…
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young girl holding hands with her father

Poignant Lessons My Father Left Behind

Every time Father’s Day comes around I find myself surprised all over again that my father is no longer on the planet because in so many ways he is with me every day. There was a time when Father’s Day was hard for me because his passing was just days after. Some years it even…
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woman buried under a pile of laundry trying to have a balanced life

What Is A Balanced Life?

What is a balanced life? That elusive sense that all the priorities and responsibilities of life are floating perfectly in relation to one another. If I’m living a balanced life, how do I know if I’m working too much? Spending enough time with my kids? Prioritizing self-care such as taking time to exercise and eat…
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Breaking free from handcuffs that transform into birds flying away

Are you really FREE?

It is said that we in the US live in the home of the free but I have to say, that’s not what it looks like to me most days. I’m not talking about the Revolution where the United States claimed its Independence from England, I’m talking about your personal independence; your freedom. Let’s first consider…
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Healing the scars on your heart

A couple years ago, someone close to me went through a procedure to correct Afib – Atrial Fibrillation – a form of irregular heartbeat. To correct this, the surgeon literally goes into the heart and creates scars on the heart tissue to interrupt the wayward electrical pattern that is generating the short circuit that is causing the…
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This doesn’t have to happen

I’ve never been one to follow trends just because and I’ve never once bought a Kate Spade product but I certainly knew who she was. I was in a conference room full of women last week when we heard the news of Kate Spade taking her own life. We stopped what we were doing and…
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Do you feel that?

I’m having one of those mornings. Ever since I woke up this morning, I’ve been crying. Not nonstop but consistently. I’ve written about this before but it bears repeating. Before I go on, I want you to stop and become aware of any judgements or conclusions you may have unconsciously made about my tears –…
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The Truth about Enlightenment

Chances are you’ve heard the word enlightenment before. In spiritual circles there is plenty of talk about reaching “enlightenment.” This is supposed to be the end game, the finish line, proof that one has “arrived.” But do you really know what enlightenment means? The modern dictionary defines enlightenment as “to give intellectual or spiritual light…
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Dead tree in desert light

What I learned from a week by myself in the desert

Last week, I was in the Mojave Desert all by myself. I don’t say alone because I was there! 😉 I kicked off the week by attending a one day retreat with my writing mentor, Rachel Resnick (more to share about this fabulous woman in the near future!). Six days later I was scheduled to…
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Woman wearing a yellow sweater writing a manifestation list in her journal

Could Your Manifestation List Be Limiting You?

The manifestation list is a mainstay of the law of attraction philosophy. But you may be surprised to learn that this tool can actually be detrimental when used incorrectly. The basic premise of a manifestation list is that the more precise and specific you can be about what you want the more likely you are…
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I could watch this a million times and it wouldn’t be too much

There are some movies that are just so special I could watch them again and again. What is it that makes one watch of a movie entertaining but enough while watching another over and over will never diminish the satisfaction you get? That answer is different for everyone and it’s not simply the genre, the…
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Celebrate the Light

This is the most wondrous time of year…. Not because of the gift giving, the decoration or the food – although those are all pretty wonderful as well 😉 The true wonder of this season is the connecting thread of all winter holidays that seems to go largely unnoticed. Whether you celebrate the Solstice, Christmas,…
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When to stay silent and when to speak up

In the wake of the election results, I’ve been silent. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say though. I just needed some time to let it settle within me. Until now there was not space in my schedule to allow for that. It was time to stay silent and now it’s time to speak…
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