face of the buddha sitting inside the root base of a banyan tree

Cooperate with the Energy & More


Here we are at the end of the first month of 2016 in sight! How’s it going so far? Can you honestly say that you are making the most of the opportunities that 2016 holds for you?

Each new year holds unique opportunities that build upon the last while also separate and apart from it. However, they are just that – opportunities. Nothing will guarantee that you achieve the opportunity for self-mastery that 2016 affords you……. unless you actively participate and cooperate with the energy and do the work required!

You may recall that around the New Year, I hosted my annual Intentional Success in the New Year virtual retreat where I unveiled my complete energetic forecast for 2016. Usually, participants of the virtual retreat are the only people who are privy to that forecast.

However, as I, myself, have been working with the energetic theme of this month, as well as with my private clients, I keep thinking, “This is just too good not to share with everyone!” So that’s what I’ve decided to do!

I’ll start with the overall theme for 2016. Based on your experiences and the energies that came before,this year is your very best opportunity yet to take off the masks and really start living the life you were designed to live.

It’s time to really look at yourself in a discerning yet gentle way and being completely honest with yourself, ask:

    • Am I being who I really truly am?
    • Am I on the path to my highest potential?
    • Am I truly living in alignment with what I’m here for?

2016 is the ultimate time to step into who you are as a Divine Being and own your Spiritual Lineage, Your Highest Potential and Your Divine Destiny. Sounds like a pretty big year doesn’t it?!!?!? Well, that’s because IT IS!

Supporting the overall theme of this year, each “month” has a specific energetic theme to help you make the journey to your Highest Potential, to your True Self. These are not hard and fast dates like our calendar but rather a sequence of energies.

I noticed that January’s theme really began coming in strongly with the New Moon on January 9th. (To me, the first New Moon of the year is always what energetically really feels like the New Year to me.) And it only intensified with the Full Moon on January 23rd.

While I am not an astrologer, nor do I consult astrology before doing the yearly energetic forecast, it does always fascinate me how closely aspects of the moon cycles end up mirroring what I have forecasted. In fact, I recently discovered that astrologically, the Sabian symbol for the full moon on Jan 23rd was “A Human Soul Seeking Opportunities for Outward Manifestation.”

How cool is that image?!?! I’m in! Plus it is a direct correlation to our first theme of the year – Integration. Integration ultimately brings you to the place where you can fully express as a soul on earth! And I am all about that!!

In the context of the overall theme for the year, your first focus must absolutely be the complete integration of all that you are. Integration reminds you that in order to step into your spiritual lineage and reach your highest potential, you have got to bring all parts of you into the equation.

There is a synthesis that is needing to happen in order for you to reach your next level of spiritual mastery which is what we are all being called to in 2016.  An integration of all that you are and all that you can be. This absolutely MUST be your first order of business, if you are going to live into your Divine Destiny in 2016!

Do you know who you really are and who you came here to be?

Integration also includes bringing forward the aspects of yourself that maybe you have judged as wrong or bad. These parts of you must be embraced and integrated before they can express in more pure and positive ways.

What parts of you are you simply not embracing or downright completely rejecting?

What gets in the way of Integration for most is that you don’t know who you really are so you have no idea what to integrate. You have grown so accustomed to who you have been that you have no idea how to begin to find your way back to yourself. Or you are so distracted by who you think you are supposed to be that the true you doesn’t have a chance to come forth and guide you in your life.

With the support of these universal energies, now is a perfect opportunity to reveal your true self and begin to live the life you were meant to live! And the best way I know to do that is to identify and live in alignment with your Divine Coordinates®.

Your Divine Coordinates are the specific set of energies that you personally were designed to express and experience. Each of us have them but most of us aren’t aware of them and many aren’t using them. Knowing your Divine Coordinates is paramount in you being the person you were sent here to be.

This unique combination of energies cannot be found in any other person anywhere else in the world.Your level of success and fulfillment, professionally, personally and spiritually is determined by the degree to which you are fulfilling on these energies. In order to do that, you must first know what they are!

If you’re thinking “I wonder what my Divine Coordinates are!” and you are truly ready to know who you really are, I have a very exciting opportunity coming up for a small group of people to experience the Divine Coordinates process and the Divine Navigation work in a whole new way.

Very soon we will be testing a new program design that will allow us to serve many more souls in 2016. The spaces are super limited, and based on the response we’ve already had, the remaining spots are going to fill up fast. So, I can’t promise that we won’t already be full before I get the chance to share more details with our broader community.

If this is speaking to you and you know that this is the exact opportunity you’ve been waiting for to allow you to step into your truth, own your power and live a life of deep satisfaction and fulfillment,simply send us an email and I guarantee that you will be among the first to get the details on this special opportunity.

Keep paying attention to all the ways you are being called to step up and step into your power and your truth!