a business with soul

 Creating a Business with Soul

Creating a  business with Soul may seem like a pipe dream. Just the term business can conjure up cutthroat, profit-at-all-cost sorts of images like oil spills and chemical contaminated crops. What does Soul even have to do with business? 

Thankfully we are at the dawning of a new age. More and more business owners, especially spiritual entrepreneurs, aren’t willing to leave their Souls at home when they go to work. From solopreneurs to start ups, the desire to do good while doing business is gaining a groundswell of support. 

We could go as far to say that creating a business with Soul is the objective of every spiritual entrepreneur. Whether you are being called to serve humanity through your business or, like many, have discovered how unfulfilling work is when you leave your Soul out of the equation, the dream is to marry your fulfillment with the fulfillment of your purpose. 

So what does it mean to create a business with Soul? 

What is a Business with a Soul?

It sounds like a great idea in theory. But before we can believe it’s possible we have to get a visceral sense of what is a business with a Soul. Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Feel your body and where it makes contact with your chair or the ground. Stay here for a few moments until you feel present.

Now allow yourself to contemplate what is a business with Soul to you. Imagine what it would feel like to do business this way. What sensations come up? What images arise? Where do you feel expansion in your body? As you stay aware of your body you’ll notice when you start to move into disbelief or confusion because you’ll sense a contraction somewhere in your body or energy field.  

During this process you may receive spontaneous insights as to whether the business you are currently running (or the business you are wanting to build) is a business with a Soul. You may receive intuitive hits on what is calling for more alignment – your audience, your offer, your message or marketing, your way of being. You may have a flash of what’s possible that you hadn’t yet imagined.

A Business with a Soul is one that takes a broader perspective on business and its impact on the world. It looks beyond the obvious and into the etheric. It is a union of inspiration and action; strategy and Soul. Rather than focusing only on the objective – make money at all cost – the purview of a business with soul includes the impact of how that money is made and how it makes you, the business owner, feel.

There’s a new one! Yes, it matters how you feel while you are running your business. 

So many spiritual entrepreneurs have made ill-fated attempts to conform with outdated and misaligned business models and objectives that simply don’t fit for them. Hopefully there’s a sense of relief in knowing that you do not have to do business the way it’s been done. You really can do it in a way that is in alignment with your Soul. 

Soul-Business vs Business-As-Usual

As you move forward from this beautiful vision of your soul business you’ve just experienced, watch out for preconceived notions that it can’t be done. It absolutely can. The first thing we need to do is break out of the business-as-usual business models that are keeping us stuck in a paradigm that doesn’t honor your Soul.

Stay present to what’s possible. What if you really could have a sense of flow in the actions you take and decisions you make in your business? Imagine an ease to your effort and inspiration in your action. We can be of greatest service to humanity when we are also serving ourselves. No sacrifice here!

The business-as-usual models put profit above people and finances above fulfillment. That just won’t do in a Soul-business. We dare to imagine – and have witnessed! – business that feeds your Soul as well as your bank account. That transforms you while you are transforming the world. This is not just the evolution of business. It’s the evolution of your Soul.

How to design a business with Soul

The beauty of designing a business with Soul is there is no one-size-fits-all. That’s because your Soul is different from anyone else’s. The way your Soul will ultimately express itself through your business will be as unique as you are – thank goodness!  

Not only will it honor how you are meant to serve the world through your Divine Contribution, it will also honor you, your fulfillment and the fulfillment of your purpose. For our discussion here, when it comes to designing and running a business with a Soul, we’ll consider three primary categories. Purpose, people and profit. 


Purpose is a primary driver in any business with Soul. That being said, many think they know their purpose but are missing out on some – or a lot – of the context and texture of that purpose. 

Your purpose is not a project or a mission. It’s not about a population or a paycheck. 

Your true purpose is less about who and how and more about what and why. Fulfilling yourself through your purpose is just as important, if not more important, than filling some outer purpose. This will always include your own Soul’s growth and evolution in the process of fulfilling your mission.


Any business owner who says they did it all on their own is delusional. People are required to make a business run. If you didn’t have clients or customers – people – there would be no business. 

What about your team? Even if you currently identify as a solopreneur you still have other businesses you are using to make things happen in your business. Consider the customer service team for your shopping cart, your virtual assistant or other subcontractors as well as your own mentor. 

Then there’s your alliances, affiliates and associates that directly or indirectly send people your way. Ever gotten a referral? There’s a person behind that referral. Anyone ever shared a social media post to their community?​​ There’s another one.


While the primary objective of business is generally to make a profit, not every dollar is created equally. In fact, the cost of profit at all costs can be much too high a price to pay. In a business with soul, it’s important that profit centers are aligned with your Soul.

Far too many business owners especially in the helping professions end up burned out and exhausted from chasing the all mighty dollar without taking their Soul into consideration. Ensuring the equilibrium between purpose and profit remains a high priority in a soul-business. 

Does Your Company Have a Soul

From the perspective of The Business in Your Soul®, does your company have a soul isn’t a question to ask until it has grown beyond you. Meaning, initially it is your Soul that is infusing the business. It’s not until the work has grown beyond you and there is a dedicated team around you that the business develops its own Soul. 

Always remember there are two parts that make up a business with Soul. The first component is the business you run. You could be running the right business for you but end up inadvertently over-modeling someone else’s idea of business which isn’t in alignment with your Soul.  That’s why the second component of how you run that business is paramount.

To ensure your company has a Soul, we must consider not only what it looks like from the outside but what it feels like on the inside. The fastest path to a business with Soul is to know your own Soul. When your Soul is satisfied your success is assured. 

Creating a  business with soul is a noble act. That may sound grandiose but the future of business is conscious. From purpose to people to profit, the age of business with soul has arrived. 

To go against conventions and pave your own path is courageous especially when we get such strong messages about “the way it’s done.” You see when it comes to a business with a Soul there is no one-size-fits-all business model. That’s the entire point. What’s the Business in your Soul? 

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