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Denial of your Authentic Self eventually leads to dis-ease

While the benefits of being your authentic self are extolled, what’s not talked about often enough is the cost of not being your authentic self. What is the authentic self? It’s your purest, most natural state of being, free from the pain and programming we all experience over the course of our lives.

What is your authentic self is unique to each of us. How important it is to be your authentic self, however, is the same for all of us. When you go against your divine design and don’t figure out how to find your authentic self it takes a toll on your Soul. Ultimately, this denial of your authentic self eventually leads to a breakdown first on the energetic level then eventually trickles down to the physical body.

On the surface, the causes of illness and disease seem pretty obvious. We “catch” something, we inherit something or somewhere along the way there is a misfire in our DNA and we develop something like cancer.

So, what do we usually do? We go to the doctor, even if it’s an alternative one, and try to correct the physical cause and treat the physical symptoms. But, in nearly ever situation it’s not quite that cut and dry. What if the key to the cure is something more. How could knowing how to be authentic self is in fact the remedy to what ails you?

You see, we humans are so much more than our physical bodies. In Divine Navigation® we engage all four “centers of being” that make up your full Soul expression. So when we ask what is authentic self it includes the aligned expression of your heart, your mind, your spirit and your body. Furthermore, each center of being is attributed to a specific “direction” in your Divine Coordinates.®

West = Heart / East = Mind / North = Spirit / South = Body

Illnesses, ailments and dis-ease can be sourced from a misalignment in a specific center of being or any combination of the four centers of being. Don’t worry though. It’s not instantaneous. By the time you develop any physical symptoms, you have been experiencing an under-expression or over-expression in one or more of the centers of being for some time.

Since who you are, your authentic self, is made up of more than just your physical body, treating something on only the physical plane is simply not enough. Healing does not occur solely on the physical plane. A holistic approach that includes the emotional, mental, spiritual, as well as physical, is needed in order for true healing to occur.

For, all healing comes from the one source. And whether there is the application of foods, exercise, medicine, or even the knife – it is to bring the consciousness of the forces within the body that aid in reproducing themselves – the awareness of creative or God forces.

Edgar Cayce

When you experience an illness, there is a core energy in the originating center of being that needs to be addressed to ensure any external treatment’s effectiveness. If you treat only the physical manifestation without resolving the underlying energetic conflict with your authentic being, chances of recurrence or even failure are exponential.

Let’s look at the base energetic spectrum of the common core energies that each direction, “center of being,” holds along with a sampling of common ailments connected to each direction. While far from complete, this inventory will help you begin to identify which center(s) of being your ailments may be sourced from and initial steps you can take to help resolve the underlying energy that is creating the dis-ease.

How to find your authentic self

As cliché as it might seem, the journey to find your authentic self always starts in the heart. As a human, it is the “original sin” perpetrated against our hearts that first moves us away from the true nature of our authentic self. This wounding causes us to protect and defend, denying us the blessing that we are and denying others the gifts that we have to give.

As we explore the following framework for Whole Being Healing, consider how moving from these common dissonant states in each center of being can bring us relief from dis-ease and bring us closer to experiencing our authentic self. Thereby providing more access and freedom to share your true nature with others.

West /Heart – Moving from Resistance to Embracing Authentic Self

Resistance takes many different forms from self-loathing to blame to control to self-protection (just to name a few). It can be resistance to what is, what was or what will be. Resistance impacts us all. It doesn’t discriminate much. Unresolved emotions, regrets and resentments are also stored in the West/Heart.

Cancer gets a ton of publicity, but heart disease still tops the charts as the number one single cause of death in the US. Any form of irregularity or disease of the heart including but not limited to aFib, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are sourced from an incongruence in the Heart. Painfully obvious right?

Resolving energetic conflicts in the West:
Many of us carry around the burden of past emotional pain without even realizing it. You may not even be sure what it is that you need to let go of. Releasing and letting go of past pain, grief and heartache is always a good place to start.

Here are a few questions to begin your exploration:
What is it that I am resisting?
What/who is it that needs to be embraced?
Where can I soften my heart?
How do I begin to tear down the protective wall I’ve put around my heart?
Who do I need to forgive?

East/Mind – Moving From Contraction to Expansion of Authentic Self

Contraction is created through unconscious judgements and limiting beliefs that block us from seeing the world in new ways and opening up to new avenues of thinking. Over-thinking and analysis also keep many “stuck in their head” and underutilizing the gifts of the heart and spirit.

Headaches and migraines are the most common ailment connected with the East. Often indicating an overuse of the “lower” mind and a block to the “higher” mind faculties of intuition and illumination. Vision challenges are also sometimes sourced in this center of being as an expression of refusing to see something you’d prefer not to see or know.

Resolving Energetic Conflicts in the East/Mind:
Notice where your thinking takes an automatic “this is the way it is” approach. Begin to open up and expand your field of awareness with these questions:

What do I know that I am pretending not to know?
In what ways am I blocking my intuition?
What truth am I denying because I don’t want it to be true?
If I was to look at this situation/circumstance/person from a different angle, what might I learn?

North/Spirit – Moving From Suppression to Expression of Authentic Self

Sadly, our world is full of people who are not living their own lives. We are conditioned to follow the rules and check off the boxes. Making it feel nearly impossible to break away from the crowd, blaze our own trail and be who we really are. Prolonged denial of your authentic self will eventually, inevitably, lead to dis-ease.

Depression is probably the most common ailment today that is associated with the North/Spirit. Record numbers of people are on antidepressants and the numbers continue to climb. At the core of depression is suppression of one’s personal truth.

Resolving Energetic Conflicts in the North/Spirit:
Even the smallest acts of expressing your truth can create huge shifts. One of the simplest tools to use is to pause before answering a question. Stop to check in with what you really feel (West) and think (East) to be sure you aren’t defaulting to a conditioned response. Wait to respond only when you feel connected with your full truth. No little white lies, sugar-coating or telling people what you think they want to hear. You might find that at first it is still uncomfortable to respond in alignment with your truth over the habit of fulfilling expectations. With practice it will get easier.

South/Body – Moving From Disconnection to Embodiment of Authentic Self

While the South/Body can be the source of its own ailments, all forms of disease sourced from the other three directions will show up in the physical because the body is the physical manifestation of heart, mind and spirit. Being disconnected from any or all of the centers of being, including your body, is equivalent to being disconnected from your authentic self and can lead to dis-ease.

It is the divinely-designed dance of the four centers of being when working in harmony that bring us the sweetness of life. Therefore, diabetes (the sugars at it used to be referred to) is one ailment that can occur when the balance is off, and you are not experiencing joy in your life.

Resolving Energetic Conflicts in the South/Body:
Your body has this amazing navigation system built into it. If you allow it to, it will always point you in the right direction and guide you home to yourself and the life you are meant to live. However, you can only hear it when you are actually in your body.

It is surprising how many of us are not actually connected to our bodies. At the beginning of all core Divine Navigation® programs, we begin by teaching you how to get into your body. To begin to listen to the signals it has been sending you all along. In order to hear your body, you need to be in the present moment. In order to be in the present moment, you need to actually be in your body. (Something that often doesn’t get addressed when people talked about being in the present moment – in the now.)

Start by asking yourself the question “where am I?” This is not where are you physically. We are really asking “where is my awareness?” Is it in your physical body? Is it up in your head? Or maybe across the room or even across the street. Your awareness can go anywhere you send it. It’s not actually attached to your body, but that’s where it is most at home. It can take some practice to locate your awareness. Once you do, gently invite it into your body, specifically into your upper abdomen, your solar plexus. Breathe into that space and practice holding your awareness there.

Some people do initially feel uncomfortable holding their awareness in this space. That can be do to old residue and past feelings that haven’t been felt. Stay with it. You really are completely safe. Just allow any of those sensations to rise then release them. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come easily at first. You’ll get better over time.

What does authentic self mean

Understanding that illness and disease are far more than physical conditions is the first step toward true and lasting healing, toward living as your authentic self. When we look at the more serious illnesses such as cancer, it is likely the result of a combination and culmination dis-ease in all four centers of being to varying degrees. Working with the core underlying energies in each of the centers of being can exponentially accelerate your healing potential.

Being your authentic self means you are vibrationally aligned with the specific energetic frequency you hold in each of your four centers of being. I call these your Divine Coordinates®. Until you’ve had your Divine Coordinates® identified, you can work with the common core energies in each center of being and see great results. Once you have your Divine Coordinates® identified, you will discover more specific ways to work with your unique energy in each direction.

Who you are goes far beyond your physical body, so be sure your healing goes beyond the physical to whole being healing!