Detours, Distractions, Developments and Diving in Head First

It’s been said that “the only constant is change.”


Change takes many forms. Sometimes we plan it – and most times we don’t.


Change of the unexpected variety can be viewed as a detour or a distraction.


Change of the initiated kind we often don’t even see as change. It’s usually considered an exciting development or even an opportunity that we dive into head first.


Whichever “type” you are facing, change is inevitable.


And 2017 will be no different. In fact, according to the yearly energetic forecast I did earlier this month for the annual Intentional Success in the New Year virtual retreat, this year you may be faced with more than ever.


As a “1” year (2+0+1+7=10; 1+0=1) of new beginnings that may seem obvious as something has to “end” in order for something else to “begin.”


On top of the numerology, the overarching energy of the year was revealed as “Change.” This is the Wheel of Fortune in the traditional tarot and signifies your life “in motion.”


After all, that is what change is – motion, movement, mobility.


If there is nothing changing in your life then you are not growing, you are not evolving, and you are definitely not moving forward on your Divine Path.


This year of all years, it is time to learn how to welcome change as the Divine gift that it is. Remember when change is present you are being called to something more.


To make the most out of any change (unexpected or initiated) ask yourself:

  • How is this change here to serve me?
  • Where is this change trying to take me?
  • What am I being invited to leave behind?
  • What is wanting to emerge through me at this time?


This year is the year to learn to welcome change!


Each year holds its own unique energies; it’s own unique possibilities. Whether we are aware of them or not, they still impact and influence us individually and collectively. Each year in the annual Intentional Success in the New Year Virtual Retreat I reveal the precise sequence of energies we’ll be experiencing in the coming year. What does the New Year hold for you?