Divine Navigation for Business


Divine Navigation for Business

You have something great to do in this world, a gift that only you can give that will do your special part to heal your fellow travelers. It’s not a specific project or mission, it is a specific set of energies – your Divine Coordinates.

You see, your purpose is far more than one project or mission…..it’s a state of being. Specifically the state of being that is revealed through your Divine Coordinates.

You don’t even actually need a project or a mission to fulfill your purpose. When you are aligned with and living your Divine Coordinates, you can fulfill your purpose in the very next room you walk into!

However, many of the souls that are drawn to Divine Navigation DO want a business so that they can support themselves and prosper through making a difference. But, creating these types of businesses is very different than the “business-as-usual” business models out there.

Hence the Business in Your Soul® was born!

You see 98% of what’s taught out there does not work for transformation entrepreneurs and helping professionals.

Your level of success and fulfillment, professionally, personally and spiritually is not determined solely by what your business does, how you market your business, or how hard you work.

Your true success and fulfillment is always based on the degree to which you are fulfilling on your Divine Coordinates. No amount of money or fame will satisfy you if you aren’t living in alignment with and expressing your soul.

Ronda rocked my world from the first time I worked with her back in 2011 and she’s still rocking my world today! My business completely transformed under her mentorship and catapulted me in all the areas I wanted to serve while building a profitable and rewarding spiritual business. Ronda’s fingerprints and guidance are all over my business – from program design, to her soul FULL Selling “no-selling” approach (which has freed me up as an entrepreneur to be myself and serve my growing tribe in ways that feel super comfortable to me) to the name she gave me “The Soul Archaeologist”. I went from struggling to pay for food and a roof over my head before Ronda to a vibrant 6 figure business as a Spiritual Teacher and Healer that continues to grow with Ronda’s ongoing guidance.  I come back to Ronda’s work again and again to take my business to the next level.  She is my secret weapon!!

~Ken Stone, “The Soul Archaeologist”

The Business in Your Soul® is unlike any other business program available!

There are literally thousands of people teaching marketing and mechanics when what you need first is to connect with your soul’s motivation and meaning for the business so you can “magnetize not market!”

When we use Divine Navigation and your Divine Coordinates to reveal the Business in Your Soul® you will know exactly what the world is waiting to receive from you, what it is that people most want to pay you for, how to design the business model that honors who you are and how to allow your the soul of your business to guide you at each turn.

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Divine Navigation has been a LIFELINE. Right away I realized why other business programs didn’t work for me! Within just 90 days of getting started I earned 4x the program investment! The Business in Your Soul® provided me with everything I needed to successfully transition from operating from my old way of being to fulfilling my divine mission and I couldn’t be more grateful. THANK YOU!!!

~Marge Piccini, Life & Legacy Design