Divine Next Steps


Ready to find out if the Divine Coordinates® Activation Program is right for you?

You may have noticed, there is nowhere on the website where you can just "click" to enroll.

That is completely intentional.

Choosing to identify your Divine Coordinates WILL change your life.

While we don't know just yet what will change, but we do know something IS going to change. It can't not.

Honestly,  you gotta be ready for that.

We know, requirements are hard, so we hope to offer just a bit of clarity to the reason a Divine Next Steps session is required prior to registering for the Divine Coordinates Activation Program. We trust you understand. 

It's an integrity thing.

We’ll confirm together that what we do (better than anyone else we might add!) matches up with what you are looking for. We need to know that our program will make the difference for you, as we do not accept anyone into the program that we’re not 110% we can serve. And serve exceptionally.

It's an energy thing.

In order to identify your Divine Coordinates, there is an "openness" required on your part . Now before you panic, it's not a test! We just need to confirm that you are open to energetically. Don't worry, we’ll help you with this if it's not something that comes naturally yet.

It's a timing thing.

There is absolutely such a thing as Divine Timing. While the program does not require an excessive time commitment it does require a certain level of energetic commitment. The work we do is deep and transformative to say the least. On occasion, while you may be a great fit for the program it may not be the right time for you due to a life circumstance. We’ll always be honest with you about if this is the right time for you.

During your Divine Next Steps Session, you will:

  • Identify the area of your life you are ready to create a new experience in 
  • Understand what's been in the way of creating that experience
  • Get totally clear on your Divine Next Steps to make that new experience a reality!
  • And explore how Divine Navigation could support you and the best program fit based on what you would like to create.

YOUR Divine Next Steps may or may not include registering for the Divine Coordinates Activation Program but if we feel that the program is right for you, we promise we will share all the details of how you can get started right away.

Either way, you will receive massive value out of your Divine Next Steps Session.

"I've listened to all the great spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti constantly and I've never heard these things from them. I can feel that what you say is absolute Truth." ~SH

PLUS we will even apply the investment you made for your Divine Next Steps Session toward your program when you register the same day, if we decide we’re a great fit.

Sessions are subject to availability.

Do you know YOUR Divine Next Steps?