woman resembling an angel

How did I ever live this way?

These days, most know me as the grounded, centered, mostly tranquil, if occasionally over-excitable but definitely intentional and purposeful woman I am today. But for those of you that knew me “before,” you know I wasn’t always the way people see me today – calm, confident and clear – far from it!

I spent the majority of my adult life (and for me adulthood began when I was about 15) in serious “doing” mode. Born out of circumstance and continued by habit, my experience was one of over-responsibility, over-commitment and mostly overwhelm.

Then my life changed….. I learned that my value comes from who I am, not what I do. I stopped driving myself so hard and started following Divine Guidance, started using my internal compass and ultimately discovered Divine Navigation®  and my Divine Coordinates® 

Over the last couple of months, life circumstances thrust me back into a hyperdrive of activity as I prepared to say goodbye to Colorado and make a permanent move to California. As you can imagine, there is a serious amount of work to accomplish to make that kind of move even under the best scenarios.

There simply wasn’t a lot I could delegate (believe me I offloaded everything I possibly could!) so I was forced to clear my schedule outside of my ongoing Divine Navigation Personal Mastery and Purpose Mastery programs and take care of the details to make the move under a surprise accelerated timeline. 

My private session work wasn’t the only thing that got pushed to the side temporarily……

Out of what felt like necessity, I also began abbreviating my personal spiritual practices, my daily meditation and work with my Divine Coordinates.

At first I didn’t notice much consequence to this reduction in my sacred time. After all, by being consistent with my practices over the years, I had built up a lovely reserve of my own unique energetic soul frequency.

However, just like the gas tank in your car, if you keep driving it hard and fast without stopping to fill it back up that tank will eventually get empty.

The part of me that believes I need to be perfect to be your guide in this arena doesn’t want to admit that there was even an almost two week period where between packing up, being in transit, and then getting set back up I spent almost zero time with myself and my Divine Coordinates.

That’s when I started to recognize glimmers of the “old” me showing up. Small outward signs and even bigger internal signs. I started to question who I am, what I am here for, why it’s important and why anyone would even want it.

Yes, even I can question myself…. But only when I forget…..And I only forget when I let myself get pulled out of my true self and get swept into intense “doing” mode.

For me, and really for each and every one of us, it is the practice of BEing that is required to ensure success, fulfillment and contribution through our “doing.”

I had clearly gotten pulled out…..

The good news is that in a matter of days I began to remember. Because I know my Divine Coordinates, I can only forget when I turn away from them. They will never turn away from me. They are always there and the moment I turn my attention inward and connect once again with the deepest truth of who I AM the calm is restored, confidence returns and all becomes clear.

It’s not that by knowing your Divine Coordinates you will never be distracted by circumstances or detoured by life challenges, but you will always know how to navigate  them – Divinely!