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Fifth Anniversary of the Birth of my True Calling


Five years ago today, the work now known as Divine Navigation was birthed.

I was  in session with a client that day using another process and for the first time ever it simply wasn’t working.

In a flash, I gave it UP. While part of me could have panicked and thought “Oh no! I don’t know what to do!” Instead of defeat I shifted into allowing and gave it “up” to the heavens.

I remember the moment so vividly (and my client Sue will be forever immortalized in my memory for her special role in this birthing). I lifted my eyes skyward and said to myself “Ok, guys. Help me out here. Where am I going?”

The Divine Coordinates® process, the core process of Your Divine Navigation System® came in that very day in that very session. January 31, 2011.

The bulk of the core teachings themselves continued to “come in” over the next four to six months as I myself proceeded to learn how this “thing” worked through mediation, writing and directly through my private work with clients.

Allowing it to reveal itself rather than me “deciding” what it should be and how it should work has led to a truly Divine Inspired body of work. It has also taken much less efforting and “figuring out” as I have allowed myself to be led by it than if I tried to take the wheel and steer it myself.

To this day, I continue to remind myself to turn over the reigns as frequently as possible. The work continues to teach me how it works and is ever growing, expanding and evolving as any “living” thing does.

Divine Navigation has its own life force and I am merely it’s humble steward for which I am eternally grateful each and every day. There is no doubt that this is my life’s work.

I have no idea where it will ultimately lead me next and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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