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When Helping Comes at Too High a Cost

As a transformational entrepreneur and helping professional, I know you have a huge heart. You probably didn’t start your business because you wanted to run a business. You started your business because you wanted to help.


You can’t help but help!


You feel someone’s pain and you want to help them heal.


You see someone’s suffering and you want to lead them to peace.


You sense someone’s confusion and you yearn to bring them clarity.


It’s in your blood……… It’s in your bones……… It’s in your Soul…..


But when does helping come at too high a cost?


Time and again I have witnessed amazing coaches, healers and spiritual teachers lose themselves, get sick, max out and burn out from serving others.


So, when do you know that you have crossed the line from service to sacrifice? Here are just a few scenarios to consider:


  • When you are continually putting the needs of others before your own. Be it clients, children or your significant other, they all need to come second to your own self-care. You can’t give what you don’t have. And if you are empty and depleted you don’t have it!
  • When you are “available” 24/7 to those you serve. Social media, text messaging and  having your email in your hand most all the time has made it more and more challenging to draw the line between work time and personal time.
  • When you neglect your own healing and coaching sessions. If you are not at your best you cannot be your best. Too often I see coaches and healers postpone personal sessions with their own coaches, healers and mentors in order to do a session for your clients.



It is not selfish to take care of yourself, it is vital!



Here are some top tips to combat “sacrifice:”


  • Put yourself at the top of your own list. Get enough rest, nourish yourself properly throughout the day and move your body regularly in whatever form brings you joy.
  • Set clear boundaries. I know it can be hard to believe but it is possible to set clear boundaries without creating separation. Have set office hours. Be clear on the “rules of engagement” for clients regarding text messaging and social media. And yes  – for heaven’s sake take weekends off as much as possible!
  • Make time and take time for your own healing and transformation journey. Even the best healers and coaches need their own healer and coach – even more so! Who is currently supporting YOU?


I don’t talk about this much but my most  trusted gift is bringing Soul-ful Entrepreneurs to their rightful Path of Purpose. And, keeping them there.  


(Purpose is NOT what we believe it to be – but that is another topic for another day.) 


During our annual Soul FULL Business Planning event, the most common question or challenge I see are those of us who are offering what we “think” we should be offering to the world coupled with the utter confusion we feel about the lack of “success” we are experiencing. 


There is a Business in Your Soul. Is that the business you are in?