high income skills

High Income Skills: Do You Make the Grade?

High income skills continue to be on the minds of business owners and employees alike. These special skills set your business apart from the would-be competition in the marketplace as well as the job market. Cultivating high income skills in one’s self as well as your team imperative.

These skills are going to become more and more important considering the accelerated growth of technology leading to the elimination of more and more jobs. We’ve seen self-checkout lanes, paying with your palm print, unmanned convenience stores and even automated order taking in the drive through.

What are high income skills

If you’re wondering what are high income skills, consider these are skills that can’t be replaced by technology. We are all familiar with the impact new technologies are having on businesses. Even as these technologies are being used to replace some tasks, high income skills on the other hand require human contact, connection and creativity. 

Unless and until we tell it what we want it won’t generate anything on its own. Furthermore, what it’s generating from is the content originally written by a person. There have been some more recent rumblings about how the quality of what it’s is generating is declining rapidly as more and more technology generated content is used and therefore more and more what is generating it is based off of what it has created itself.

The key here is that the human element has been removed. Adding back in the human elements is also at the crux of what are high income skills.

Examples of high income skills

As we’ve covered, at the heart of high income skills is people. Aside from the purely technical skills (think engineering or brain surgery), high income skills lean toward being people-centric. Meaning, it’s the human component and human connection that can’t be duplicated by technology of some sort.

Here is a list of people-centered high income skills to consider:

Vision: Being able to dream and imagine a future different from where we are today is a uniquely human skill. When it comes to high income skills, being able to see the bigger picture is something that simply can’t be outsourced. It is our sense of purpose and possibility that determines where we believe we can go – individually and collectively. The greatest imaginations of our times are the pioneers and the way-showers. The ability to create and execute on a vision will forever be valuable.

Motivation: Yet no one has the ability to bring a big vision to life all on their own. It takes a team. Co-workers and/or employees as well as clients or customers. Being able to motivate and enlist others in the execution of a perceived future will always be a sought after high income skill. Inspiring others to support a greater vision for the future (whether yours or someone else’s) is priceless when it comes to implementing what needed to fulfill on that big vision of yours. 

Empathy: By its definition empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. People aren’t machines. They have feelings. Often complex ones. Being able to sense what someone else is going through provides a window into their deepest desires and motivations. Once perhaps thought to be a skill relegated to coaches, counselors or clergy, this example of high income skills is needed in every single industry you can think of. The more you can relate to and empathize with people the higher income you can realize.

Listening: What gives one the opportunity to express empathy is listening. Again, no matter what your business is there are going to be people involved. Perhaps lots of them. From clients to contractors, suppliers to support staff, people are at the heart of every business. The ability to be present and truly hear, perhaps more than is being said, goes a long way to being able to manage the myriad of relational dynamics that show up when a group of people is involved. As far as high income skills go, this is always at the forefront.

Creativity: Before you dismiss creativity as a high-income skill, think about where we all turned during the isolation of the 2020 world crisis. Movies, television shows, books and music. Creative endeavors are what give life dimension and texture. But these are not the only expressions of creativity. For example, being able to look at a situation or problem from a different angle coming up with a unique solution is in fact a form of creativity – and therefore an example of a high income skill. Everyone has the ability to be and think creatively.

You are likely starting to see how each one of these high income skills is essential in moving your business forward. Even (and especially) if these examples seems non-traditional, consider that the world we are living in is evolving and changing rapidly. The marketplace is going to continue to crave the uniquely human experience these high income skills offer.

How to learn high income skills 

There are many options for how to learn high income skills. One of the categories that provide every single one of the examples shared about is coaching. Now to be clear, the skill of coaching isn’t exclusive to the coaching industry. The best leaders are actually coaches whether they identify as a coach or have been formally trained as a coach.

A skilled coach will hold your greater vision for your life with you.  They will help you maintain your motivation to pursue the changes you desire. They will hold your experiences and circumstances empathically while deeply listening for and helping you see what’s keeping you from the future that’s meant for you. Finally, a skilled coach will offer creative solutions you may not have considered before.

Think about your greatest mentors and managers. You’ll likely find they have a least a few of these high income skills. You’ll find them in every profession and in all walks of life. Acquiring them yourself will accelerate your success at every level.

How tuning into your Soul will reveal your high income skills

Aside from the more obvious high income skills along with the examples shared above, there are skills that are completely unique to each one of us. These unique skills are revealed by tuning into your Soul.

How many of us originally pursued our vocation based on what we thought would pay well? After all, it’s the most logical and therefore the most common approach. However, there is another way. 

Understanding and and aligning with your soul is the key to your abundance. Knowing who you are at a soul-level and what it is you have to contribute to the world makes life more rich and more rewarding. And is the guaranteed path to your purpose and fulfillment.