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I needed to read my own words today

Years ago I started a blog and quickly abandoned it. In fact, I had completely lost track of it with no idea how to even locate it myself. Due to a computer crash in 2011, those pieces were simply lost to me…. except for the feel of that very first post.

Although I could not recall the words, I had a cellular memory of the power that ran through me as I wrote that very first post. It was almost like it was haunting me. I kept thinking about that post and wishing that I could locate it.

Then one day I got a lovely surprise in the form of a Facebook “memory.” They lovingly directed me to where I shared that very first blog post. I thought I wanted to find the post for a quote that I used to start it off. I had searched for the quote repeatedly over the years to no avail.

It turns out that as lovely as the quote is, it was my own words that I needed to read. To this day, when I read them, they tap me back into the early days of my journey that led to what we now know as Divine Navigation.

When I wrote that post, little did I know – or maybe part of me did – that some of the most challenging days of my life were still head. Harder than my divorce, harder than my annulment, even harder than caring for my father as he prepared to make his transition from this world.

Short-sales, foreclosure, facing the inevitability of bankruptcy, of shattered hopes and dreams. It was a year of complete dismantling of who I had been. It was a true “dark night of the soul” where everything that wasn’t aligned with the true me was removed piece by piece from my life.

It was all in service to the transition from who I had been to who I AM. One short year later, what we now know as Divine Navigation was birthed.

Inevitably these times return. I once again feel a new higher level of being calling to me. I’ve been through these phases enough times now to recognize them for what they are. Another personal accelerated growth stage. Thankfully because I keep doing my own work, there is no need for destruction to be part of my process anymore – thank goodness!  – but it is no less transformative.

Rereading my own words today, reminds me of my conviction and commitment to continually uncover and live my truth – no matter what. They remind me that although I may have abandoned that original blog all those year ago, I never abandoned the journey.

Perhaps my words will inspire you in some way today as well.

Sometime in your life you will go on a journey. It will be the longest journey you have every taken. It is the journey to find yourself.

Katherine Sharp

One Woman’s Journey – Original Published: 1/11/2010

After the end of my brief second marriage, I began a journey back to myself, my authentic self. It has been a winding road and I have yet to see the end of the path. Sometimes it is a clear path. Sometimes not so clear. Sometimes I think I am on the path only to discover that it is not truly my path but just a segment of beaten down grass flattened by another.

I stop. Take in my surroundings and circumstances. Check in with my internal compass  – this I now know as my Divine Navigation System® – I step on to my path once again. And proceed. I’m not sure this is a journey that ever ends as long as I am among the living.

I may grow weary of the journey at times but I continue on. Sometimes it is swift. Sometimes it feels like walking backwards waist deep in mud. Either way I am committed to the journey. To me there is nothing of greater importance.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” I have found this to be some of the truest words I have ever heard.

Women in particular wander or blatantly get pulled off our paths at an alarming majority. We often consider everyone else’s needs and wants in front of our own. I believe that this is partly due to our caring compassionate nature and partly due to the roles and standards created in our society.

Wherever you may be on your journey, whichever path you have chosen thus far, each day provides a new opportunity to choose who you want to be. Choose wisely. Choose mindfully. But please choose YOU.

Follow me on my journey back to myself. My way is  just that – my way. Your way will likely look a bit different. But what I am certain of is that in sharing parts of my journey with you, we will all reach greater heights together. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu. Let’s walk together for a spell.

And here I am all these years later, guiding others to walk their own path back to themselves; back to their Soul. Having walked the path myself, I know having a guide on your journey can make all the difference in how long and arduous your journey. I’ve discovered the shortcuts and “the way through” to the true you.

Purpose and fulfillment are found through our own healing and Soul alignment. Nowhere else. Each moment, each breath, each step. Let your Soul guide you home.