What I learned by allowing myself to fall in love again

At this time of year, our attention inevitably turns to love and relationship.

Blame it on Hallmark if you’d like but with February being the second month of the year it carries the energy of “2” which represents the end of separateness and bringing union between different entities.

It is one of the most rewarding and one of the most challenging areas of life.

We crave it; we long for it; we search for it……

And at the same time we misunderstand it, we fear it; and we push it away.

Two years ago, I allowed myself to fall in love again. It was like signing up for my own “spiritual master’s program” on love and relationship.

In honor of the month of Love, here is a (partial) list of what I’ve learned from allowing myself to fall in love again:

  • I am as worthy and deserving of my love as the one I love. In fact, if you don’t learn to love yourself first you can never actually love another.
  • I cannot forsake my love for myself in order to love another. If you give love to another over giving it to yourself, you are guaranteed to eventually end up depleted with an empty tank and with nothing to give.
  •  It is not possible to protect and to love at the same time. If you wall up your heart so that you won’t get hurt you’ll also never get to truly experience love. In order to open to love, you must let down your guard.
  • Loving someone doesn’t guarantee that love will be returned. If you only love with the expectation of being loved in return, that’s not Love. If you withdraw your love when love is not returned that’s not love.
  • Love is not measured in time. Length has nothing to do with it. Sometimes the longest connections yield very little love while even brief encounters can contain an infinite amount.
  • A relationship must be based on a higher love if it is to endure. Both people have to be willing to dive into the deep end and surrender to the experience of love and allow it to happen through them – not too them.
  • I have a greater capacity for love than I ever imagined or thought possible. I’ll admit that until now I had no idea what True Love was. So many times what I thought was love was either infatuation, attachment or just unconscious playing out of patterns. True Love is infinite and connects us to the infinite.

I’m not saying all of this – any of it really – is (or was) easy. It’s definitely not! In fact, I can say that I would never have been capable of this before now; before getting to know myself through my Divine Coordinates.

Knowing yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt gives you the safety and security to risk being willing to know another at a soul level and allowing someone else to know you at that level as well.

The purpose of relationship is to heal, to know ourselves as Divine Beings and to offer our unique expression of love first to ourselves and then to the world. If you are ready to know what your unique expression of love is, now is the time!

In the meantime, be love…. live love….. give love.


  1. women psychology on September 6, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    • Ronda Renee on September 7, 2017 at 5:40 pm

      Thanks so much! I don’t know how much I know.. I just share my experience! Thanks for reading!