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Leaving a Legacy Behind

If we’re honest with ourselves, leaving a legacy sounds a little daunting, doesn’t it? Evoking images of saving the planet, ending starvation, eliminating suffering or the likes, it can feel like we are way too small to make such a big difference. 

By default we tend to think of legends like Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Gandhi when we think of leaving a legacy. This can end up leaving little ‘ole us feeling smaller than ever when we compare ourselves to history-making achievements such as theirs. 

But just because we may never make the headlines or be specifically remembered in world history doesn’t mean we can’t leave a legacy. Right here; right now. 

What does leaving a legacy mean?

It’s important to understand what does leaving a legacy mean (and what it doesn’t mean) before we overburden ourselves or under-value our contribution. It’s way too easy to believe that leaving a legacy means we have to create a huge world changing paradigm shift or make a difference for a really large group or population of people. 

Using these excessive criteria when considering what does leaving a legacy mean could quickly have us disqualify ourselves from being able to make a dent in the problems of the world. When you think about it though, every seismic shift in consciousness began with one individual Soul imagining the world they wanted to live in and taking one small step to experience that for themselves. 

While we may have been led to believe that only those who are larger than life become examples of what does leaving a legacy mean, the fact is they didn’t necessarily start out that way. Rosa Parks, famous for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white rider, was a seamstress who’s personal act is credited as being one of the kick-off events leading to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.  Do we really think she had any idea of what would happen after? Or was she just tired of having to stand after a long day’s work just because someone with different color skin wanted to sit? 

We may never know the entire story of those we all agree represent what leaving a legacy means. Point is, those whose names we think of first in this category, almost always had something very personal at stake. Rather than their actions being solely – and soul-ly – motivated by what people would say about them later, what they had was a deep conviction and skin in the game. Meaning, they had someone they cared about that was personal.

Did Rosa Parks do it for you? Maybe. But probably not. More likely she was thinking much shorter term and in a much tighter circle initially. She acted on behalf of herself and those she loved. Would her actions have been any less valuable if we didn’t know her name today? Definitely not. 

Even if she hadn’t become known for her courageous act, witnessing her one courageous act could have inspired another to follow suit. The combined efforts would potentially have the same result. Would that have made her contribution any less valuable? Absolutely not. 

Leaving Behind a Legacy

Leaving behind a legacy isn’t about getting credit. It’s about the impact we have and the impression we leave. And more importantly who we became along the way.

Leaving behind a legacy happens in the small and big things. Most importantly it happens in the way we be and how we interact with people in our lives and in the world – daily. It sounds cliché but consider what would you like others to say about you when you leave this earth. 

One of my very first coaching clients was absolutely obsessed with leaving behind a legacy. He was wildly successful by all accounts. A senior vice president of a Fortune 50 company by day, he felt like how he made a living didn’t really make a difference. And that’s what he wanted more than anything… to make a big difference while making a great living.

It’s certainly important to know the change you’d like to see in the world, the more we make it about being known for that change, the less effective we may end up being. While the actions taken may be similar either way, the energy behind the motivations are likely entirely different.

Consider that leaving behind a legacy may not be glamorous. It in all likelihood will not be easy. You may not even get to enjoy the fruits of your labors in your own lifetime. Is it still worth pursuing? You betcha.

When we get underneath the motivations of the personality when it comes to leaving a legacy behind, we’ll find your Soul calling. The clues as to the legacy you are meant to leave behind are in your own pathways of self-mastery. Soul mastery really. Your own becoming and how it serves your fellow man. It’s about them and not about them. It’s about you and not about you.

Leaving a Legacy Examples

If you do a quick inventory of what we most often think leaving a legacy examples are, they are likely to leave out some of the most poignant and impactful ones that actually have the greatest impact on our world even if they are the most subtle or most quiet.

  • The parent raising a child that is kind and empathetic toward others.
  • The teacher who encourages a young child with learning challenges.
  • The stranger who casually speaks to a man on his way to end his own life.
  • The friend who stands by your side in what feels like your bleakest hour.
  • The partner who loves the parts you where you aren’t sure you are enough.

Remember the client I mentioned above? One of the biggest things he struggled with was choosing “what” legacy he wanted to leave. Inspired by so many different leaving a legacy examples he would get stymied on what direction to move forward in.

Well, when we got down to it, the message that opened things up for him and allowed him to start taking action was becoming the man who would do the things that would leave a legacy. While we tend to see the “front man,” if you will, at the end of journey consider that every single person who impacted that person along the way had a part to play in the legacy we see. 

Why is Leaving a Legacy Important

When it comes down to it we can see why is leaving a legacy important isn’t just about the grand gestures but also the chance encounters and everyday interactions we have with people we know – and people we don’t.

From the Soul perspective, the reason why leaving a legacy is important has less to do with accolades and accomplishments and everything to do with fulfilling the purpose you were sent here for. 

Each of us has a unique energetic frequency we are meant to hold for the planet. Unless and until we are vibrating at that frequency the world is missing out on something it desperately needs. You. Your greatest chance of leaving behind a legacy is the being and becoming of your full Soul expression.

Our modern society would generally lump legacy into a business arena, and while that can be the case and is often true, there is so much more available when we broaden our scope of understanding on leaving a legacy to include our own personal path in life we can see that each and every one of us regardless of notoriety or recognition has the opportunity to leave a legacy every single day. 

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