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Life Mastery and the Search for Meaning

Life mastery. Seems like a pretty tall order. Probably sounds a little – or a lot – like wishful thinking to some (and likely to all of us in certain moments). Considering all the moving parts and things we can’t control, how does one hope to master life anyway? The short answer is we don’t.

When we’re just trying to keep it all together, life mastery can seem like a pipe dream. Every day we do our best to tend to our families, do our best at work and in general meet the demands and responsibilities of modern life all while being bombarded by countless tales of random acts and senseless violence peppered with contention and divisiveness that seems to have become the norm. Yet, we still have this urge to master life. 

Almost universally, we lean more toward optimism than not when we think of our futures. We have to. Because when the scales tip the other way we run into trouble often leading to depression and despair. 

Regardless of the apparent insurmountable odds, in general,  we still hold out hope for a better tomorrow. That includes the belief that we can not only manage but also master our lives. It’s not just the strength of the human spirit that drives us to pursue life mastery. There’s something more to this life. 

What Life Mastery Really Is

The first thing we need to understand is what life mastery really is. If we don’t get clear on what life mastery looks like we could be setting ourselves up for perceived failure and at minimum guaranteed disappointment. 

When we think of life mastery we are likely to conjure up images of someone who “has it all together” – at least in our assessment. What do you see when you think of life mastery?  

Depending on the particular details of your own life you might see things like getting that promotion or it might be as simple (although not easy as anyone with young kids can attest to!) as imagining getting the kids off to school on time. This brings us to our first point in understanding what life mastery really is – and what it isn’t. 

Life mastery isn’t a comparison or a yard stick. When we focus outside ourselves (at Divine Navigation we call this external referencing), there is always someone we won’t measure up to.  So, here’s the important piece… Life mastery isn’t about trying to “best” anyone else. We are only doing our best. If we are running a race, it is only against ourselves. We ask ourselves ”is how I am showing up how I want to be showing up?” “Is this the highest expression of who I am?” 

We ask these questions not in comparison to anyone or anything but rather to focus us on our own journey to mastery of ourselves – our second point. Frankly, there is no way to master anything outside of ourselves. Again, look at the world around you. What is it exactly you have complete control over? If you have kids of a certain age you’ll probably laugh at this one right away! 

But seriously, no matter what topic you choose, there’s a potential outside force or influence that could come in at just about any moment. When we’ve attempted to control people or circumstances, how has that generally turned out anyway? No wonder we think life mastery is just a daydream.  

Life mastery is really about mastering ourselves inside of our lives. While it’s not possible to control all the circumstances of our lives  – what’s happened to us and what will happen to us – we can command ourselves within those circumstances. Horrible things have and do happen. That’s undeniable. How we respond to those things is where life mastery comes in. In truth, life mastery is really self mastery. 

The Keys/Secrets to Self Mastery 

As they say, life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. In fact, change is the only constant of life. Whether it’s a change we initiate or one that is thrust upon us, inevitably, we’ll face challenging circumstances again and again. Self mastery is really about building our resilience muscle to face whatever life presents.

Learning to be fluid and flexible is a primary tenant of life mastery and self mastery. The Buddhists teachings of non-attachment can really support us here. Reconciling the impermanence of life with the personality desire to control in order to stay safe is a practice that will take us a long way toward our own life mastery – and self-mastery.

Honestly, there is no one way to master life. Life mastery is not a final destination. As in I am not the master of life. But it is a process, expect many divine detours. (Not to sound cliche. Just hang with me here.) Rather than concern ourselves with life mastery, when we focus on self mastery we approach life in a different way.

We are more present with ourselves as well as others. We are more curious about our surroundings and those in them. We are more aware of the nudges and signs trying to get our attention. We are more available to where our Soul is calling us. Instead of striving for life mastery, consider the value in approaching life in a masterful way. What does that open up for you?

When it comes down to it, there are only ever two things happening in any given moment. We are either being given the opportunity to create a new level of mastery. Or we are being given the opportunity to express a new level of mastery we’ve already created. It’s that simple. Not necessarily easy. But simple.

Life Mastery is actually Soul Mastery 

To begin living from the approach of mastery (versus master-ing) we first realize that life mastery requires self mastery and self- mastery at its pinnacle is really Soul Mastery. We begin our mastery journey by acknowledging, more often than not, we are responding from our personality. Our personality is made up of our preferences and habituated responses that have been installed either by our training or our trauma. Therefore, these unconscious ways of being don’t necessarily reflect who we really are at a Soul-level.  

As we move out of our personality and begin to reflect on what is really truly us, we begin to act from our individuated expression rather than our programmed reactions. We’ll call this moving into our Self. In the Self, we are centered, aware and present with our reactions and mindful of if our response is to what’s happening now or something that happened in the past. 

Being in the moment, we are present to our incessant (generally unconscious) search for meaning. Once we’ve come out of the personality and into the Self what’s truly meaningful to us generally changes. Yet has also never changed; only been covered up. 

Here we are entering the realm of Soul mastery. As we begin responding to life from one’s own Soul mastery rather than personality mastery we become the master manifestor we truly are; where everything that’s meant for you can find its way to you.

The alignment and expression of your Soul is where we find meaning and where we are destined to do the things that ensure we are leaving a legacy behind because we have truly mastered what we were sent here to be.

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