It’s a little harder to celebrate this year……

It’s Thanksgiving here in the US. I’m finding it a but harder to celebrate this year. But not because there is nothing to be thankful for.

I grew up in the mid Atlantic region of the East coast. Given that we walked the same earth as the original colonists, I imagine that we may have received more education on the history of the English settlers and the origins of the first Thanksgiving.

There is a cruel irony at play with our history of betraying the Native Americans that a modern day reenactment of us stealing their land is upon us this very day as they once again fight for the honoring of their homeland……and ours.

The honoring of our innate reliance on the land that provides us a home and sustenance, our innate connection to one another and an active engagement and cooperation with the life force itself is at the heart of this day and of this current confrontation.

It is up to all of us to turn this tide; to stay the conflicts; and to stand for the preservation and embracing of humanity. At the most basic levels, it is our level of thankfulness and unity – and not just one day per year – that will make a brighter future possible

Just as it’s not possible to maintain your health one day per year; sustain your business working on day per year; foster your relationships in one day per year, you can’t create the magnetic energetic signature of gratitude by being thankful one day per year.


Here are some easy tips to integrate thankfulness into your life:

*Create the habit of thankfulness. However, complaining is the more prevalent habit. When you feel you have something you want to complain about before expressing it look for the good in the situation that you can be thankful for. You just might not feel the need to express the complaint in the end.

*Sandwich critiques or criticisms with acknowledgements. If you have a critique or criticism to share, delivering it in the middle of an acknowledgement before and an affirmation after will leave you and the recipient feeling elevated by the exchange. People are much more likely to receive your message and be eager to adjust behavior when they feel appreciated and respected.

*Start your day with gratitude. My dad used to say “every day you wake up alive is a good day!” Set the tone for your day by taking a moment before jumping out of bed in the morning to be thankful for the breath that animates, the body that carries you through your days and the people who make your life sweeter. It’s so easy to automatically focus on what’s not here as soon as you open your eyes. Set the tone for your day by acknowledging all there is to be thankful for in this very moment!

*End your day with gratitude. Societally, we are conditioned to focus more on what hasn’t gotten accomplished at the end of the day over what has. Even when it feels like the day flew by with not much to show for it, there are always bright spots that can be found. It just depends on what you focus on! Taking a few moments before you close your eyes at night to connect with the energy of thankfulness will help you fall asleep faster and rest better.

Together, let’s commit to looking for the good in everyone and everything. To honoring our fellow man and our connection to the earth. And to building an aura of thankfulness and carry it with you throughout our days.

It is us who will change the world by who we be in it every day. Happy Thanksgiving – today and every day!