Melanie Pittman


Melanie Pittman

Fort Collins, ColoradoMelanie Pittman

I Fulfill True Purpose through Connection and Inspiration Celebrating the Divine

  • I work with those who are pushing the envelope (whether or not they know it) and who are seeking to connect more deeply with the truth of who they are.
  • When we discover their Divine Coordinates it seems that a light goes on inside and they breathe into deeper understanding of their life journey. That which was locked into a learned way of being is released and guided into divine expression.
  • Gently inspiring those habits and paradigms that have created mistaken beliefs about self and life to transform from ways of being that do not serve into ways of being that do serve and support the expression of highest potential.

My Divine Navigation Journey:

Integrating my Divine Coordinates into my daily life is constantly grounding and affirming. I approach my life with strength and assurance and create experiences that I would not have considered before. I know myself and I am at home in my body, mind and heart. I trust my contribution to the world and to others. I now value my life as a sacred gift through which I am privileged to fulfill True Purpose.


I needed some tools to work through anxiety surrounding an upcoming life-changing trip/event. Melanie listened, heard and offered observations, solutions and tools I would have never found on my own, that not only comforted me at the time but were essential and useful as I took on and experienced this event.

I would recommend Melanie for personal journey support, path finding through unchartered land or land we are all too familiar with. I would also recommend Melanie for parenting support, especially with teens. ~L.M., Colorado

Melanie Pittman could never be summed up in just one word. Her myriad of talents and good qualities are endless, but my personal favorite is her consistent and loving ability to listen to me and offer kind words of encouragement, regardless of what is happening in her world. She makes you feel like you are the most special person in the world to her and I am always left with the feeling of love and a heart a few sizes bigger. ~C.R., California