Never Sell Again Masterclass!

Effortlessly Fill Your Business without Ever Feeling Like You’re Selling

Making a sale is the thing that stands between you and serving your ideal clients and sharing your divine contribution with the world. Yes, to have a successful business you have to make a sale but you never have to sell!

The keys to how soulful leaders generate divine profits:

Understand why people aren’t buying - or not as much as you’d like them too

Activating the essential energies required WAY before a sales conversation

Crystal clarity on what ACTUALLY inspires someone to work with you – and no, this is NOT the old worn-out “know, like and trust factor

Finally ditch the “Sales Part” of Your Business

A non-pushy, never-slimy relationship-building approach that will change how you grow your business forever!

This is your opportunity to receive the exact formula that I have used to nearly double my sales every year for the first four consecutive years of my business AND continued to grow it well into multiple six-figures.

Best of all you don’t have to…

Be an extrovert

Use any form of persuasion

Manipulate or convince

These techniques won’t leave you feeling slimy, out of integrity or like you are taking advantage of anyone. Everything you learn can be done by ANYONE – even if you don’t think you can sell at all!


Meet Ronda

Ronda Renee

For over a decade, Ronda Renée has helped 1000’s of Souls come into alignment. She’s the founder of the transformational modality of Divine Navigation®️ and creator of the Divine Coordinates®️process. In 2009, after over a decade of service in a sales career and obtaining all the ‘things’ she thought would bring her happiness and fulfillment, Ronda still felt something was missing in her life. So she embarked on an intense inner exploration that led her to discover her life’s work of teaching people how to live, love, and work from their Soul.

Get More Yeses!

Serve more and never sell again…

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