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“Finally! The exact formula for Fulfillment that doesn’t require you to clone yourself, to squeeze in “more” or to level your life and start over!”

You’re going to learn my secrets to moving beyond expectations and obligations, have-tos and “shoulds” to creating more joy and fulfillment right where you are without having to start over or level your life to do it!



From: Ronda Wada
Fort Collins, CO, USA
Thursday, 11:00 am


Dear accomplished, caring gal on-the-go ,

Look I get it. You want more. Who can blame you?

The problem is, your life is already full. Where would you put more?

And far too often we are led to believe that either we need to figure out how to do more or trash your current life and start over.

Your life doesn’t suck. In fact, it’s downright good. But still, there’s this unsettledness, even a hint of emptiness, way down deep that only one thing will ever fill. That “thing” is the true you. The you beyond all the expectations and obligations that seem to fill every waking hour of our lives these days.

It is so easy to get caught up in day to day life, the busyness of your family, your kids, your spouse not to mention your job or your business.

“What do they need from me?” “Where do I need to be next?” “Who am I supposed to be?” is the soundtrack of your days.

You’re life is full to the brim. It can almost be even a little overwhelming to dare to want for more. After all, where would you put it?

At the end of the day, there’s not much time left to worry about what you might want or need. So how can you move beyond expectations and uncover the joy and fulfillment waiting for you right here inside the life you already have?


Can I really have Fulfillment in the life I already have?……

Without having to try to squeeze in “more, more, more” or level it to start over?

Yes you can!

As long as you have the formula – The Fulfillment Formula – the exact formula for creating and experiencing fulfillment regardless of the circumstances of your life.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!


In all the time I have been coaching, fulfillment is one thing I would say every one of my clients has ultimately been seeking. So with the thousands and thousands of hours of coaching sessions I have done, I can confidently say that I have discovered the EXACT FORMULA for true and lasting fulfillment!

This is for you if you’re:

  • No matter how much you do you still have the sense that it’s not “enough”
  • You’ve followed all (or most anyway) of the steps in life that you were told would make you happy but yet…
  • Going through the motions is getting old and you are ready to experience more of life without putting more on your plate
  • Your family and responsibilities are important to you but you’re tired of feeling like everyone else’s needs and desires come before yours
  • Life is pretty good and you actually feel a little (or a lot) guilty for wanting more

If this sounds familiar, then my BRAND NEW “Fulfillment Formula” is PERFECT for you.

In this 5 part virtual training, you and I are going walk step by step through my exact formula for what it truly takes to create true and lasting fulfillment in every moment of every day in every area of your life!


You and only you are responsible for and capable of your experience of fulfillment. It is up to you to see to it that you access and live it because within that fulfillment you are also fulfilling your purpose here on earth.

Let’s get to it! Here is a breakdown of the Fulfillment Formula:




A = Alignment

It all starts and ends here! Who are you really and how does your day to day life align with that? From your smallest tasks to your biggest dreams, unless they are in Alignment with your ultimate truth, you will never find fulfillment. I am going to empower you will an arsenal of tools for coming into and staying in Alignment with your true self.

P = Presence

No matter how much you have or do, if you aren’t Present you are going to miss it! While there is a ton of chatter out there about being in the moment, no one really tells you how to get there and stay there. Miracles, manifestation and magic are all sourced from your Presence. This is just as important as Alignment! Doesn’t matter how Aligned you are if you are not Present you won’t be able to experience fulfillment.

EX = Experiences

Whatever you think it is that will bring you fulfillment is only the wrapping for what you are really after – an Experience. By learning to identify and focus on creating the Experience you are after, you will have access to more fulfillment in every single moment in every single area of your life!

EC = Emergence Cycle

There is something that is wanting to come through you. Something that is wanting to Emerge. I have identified a very specific cycle that you will go through again and again throughout your lifetime. Learn how to identify which stage you are in and how to cooperate with the Emergence Cycle and fulfillment is yours!

S = Sharing

You are here to Share your gifts with the world after all! But far too often you are focused “out there” so you end up “serving from an empty cup.” Sharing is not reserved for those who want to inspire thousands. The most important Sharing happens with those who you are closest to and in the very next room you walk in to.

Your Fulfillment!

Your fulfillment is the complete presence, expression and experience of one’s abilities, desires and character in alignment with what is most meaningful to your true self.


“I discovered what was already inside of me that will allow me to thrive. Now I trust myself, use my creativity and allow my passion to determine my path.”

~Kelly Strnad, Colorado



You’ll also learn:

  • What Fulfillment IS and is NOT (I’m afraid you may have been seeking the wrong thing this whole time)
  • How to clear away anything that does not create fulfillment for you (without being destructive, disrespectful or denying anyone else their truth)
  • Easily identify and remove the obstacles that are blocking you from fulfillment (some of which YOU actually put into place!)
  • How to use your “super-powers” to create more fulfillment (instead of deplete and block your fulfillment like they do now)
  • Identify and Release the burden of the three sources of expectations (these are major road blocks to you experiencing fulfillment)
  • The secret to identifying and connecting with your true desires (rather than what you think you should want)
  • Understand how to use your presence to impact any situation (yes, I do mean any situation)
  • How to instantly create more authenticity and connection in your relationships (after all, what good is fulfillment without people to share it with?)




“What an incredible journey…..practical ways to make an elevated choice, and thus elevate myself towards my personal best.” ~Becca Stuart, Florida



So now you may be wondering,

“Ronda, how EXACTLY are you going to do all this?”Valid question!


Here’s how…

I’ve designed this 5-part self-study training to go much deeper than than your average tele-seminar or training program.

This is an innovative experiential program where you will be taking what you are learning directly into your life and putting it into action.

I’m going walk you through every step. It’s not okay with me for you continue to gather information that does not create transformation in your life.




I barely recognize my life from a year ago but nothing on the outside has really changed. I couldn’t have imagined what life could be like.

~Shelly Stokes, Minnesota







Are you ready have more fulfillment in your life?

Ronda Renée, Divine Navigation













P.S.  I could tell you it doesn’t matter to me if you invest in this training or not. What matters to me more is that you move forward without anything holding you back. Indecision and incompleteness are just more ways that you keep fulfillment at bay. My recommendation is that you MAKE A CHOICE one way or another before you leave this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing left “undone.” What’ll it be?  YES or NO. Trust yourself (the true you)  and move forward. If YES, get your access now and learn my exact formula for fulfillment.

“Before I worked with Ronda, I wasn’t okay with who I was because I wasn’t being who “they” wanted me to be. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been in as far as loving and accepting me. I finally get it! It’s just okay to be ME! You make me a better wife, a better mother, a better friend.” ~Marianna Mitchek




About Ronda Renée


Ronda Renée is a Life Fulfillment and Spiritual Business Mentor, and international speaker who has been said to have “x-ray vision for your soul.” Through her Business in Your Soul® and Your Divine Navigation System® programs, Ronda teaches high achieving women and entrepreneurs how to get the fulfillment along with the financial success they crave in their lives and businesses through aligning with who they really are not just who they think they have to be to get what they want.