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Now is not the time to lose focus

The holiday season is upon us! Frankly, due to commercialization, it gets earlier and earlier every year it seems. 

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or the Solstice, the energy of merriment is in the air! These days beginning with Halloween the world goes into hyper-drive with celebrations rolling through Thanksgiving continuing through the year’s end.

It seems like most of the world comes to a complete halt at this time of year. Our time gets filled up with preparations, parties and presents. Each of these are wonderful things that naturally shift our focus away from taking care of business.

But if you are a transformation entrepreneur, now is not the time to lose focus!

The space that might be created in your consciousness as well as your calendar while everyone else takes a break is a sacred space in which to create your future. While the rest of the world is taking a casual stroll toward year end, as a transformation entrepreneur that’s simply something you cannot afford to do. There is still a lot of “year” left.

Watching business owner’s write off the remainder of the year as if it’s “over” is a huge missed opportunity. For example, I was coaching one of our Business in Your Soul members at the end of Q3. She had generated $96K in her business for the year at that point; down from her overall the previous year. She said she “hoped” to generate another 50K when it was all said and done.

However, I sensed a vast amount of potential still available so I challenged her to not settle for what she “thought” she could do. Instead we set our sights (and Souls) on doubling her revenue in the final three months of the year.

A mere six weeks later, you know where she found herself? 216K with another 6 weeks to go! She could easily still reach $250K (our initial sweet spot target for all the businesses we work with) before the year is complete. Look at all that money she would have left on the table if she just burned the clock and let the year run out.

Now, this isn’t about simply pushing or striving. It’s not about setting a bigger goal for the sake of setting a bigger goal. This is about making the most of the time we have and following the energy of possibility.
In Q4  every year, I lead our community through a live version of my own special version of “business planning” that I call Soul FULL Business Planning. A blend of mystical and practical that has the potential to create magical results such as these. It’s the exact plan we have used for ourselves and with clients for over a decade to solidify our vision and set the course for the coming year. 

While you can technically complete a SoulFULL Business Plan any time of year, most businesses follow the calendar year. (For instance, if you start your business in May don’t wait until later!) Creating consistent, duplicatable, sustainable results in your business doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a plan aligned with your Soul. 

Now is not the time to lose focus. If we are truly dedicated to our purpose, we must be committed to making the most of the time you have. No matter what the time of year.

Since 2011, courageous men and women around the world have chosen Divine Navigation and committed to the extraordinary and transformative experience of Aligning with their Soul-through their Divine Coordinates. We invite you to also explore the journey of Soul Purpose: The Definitive Guide.