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Now is not the time to lose focus

The holiday season is upon us!

Whether you celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or the Solstice, the energy of merriment is in the air!

It seems like most of the world comes to a complete halt at this time of year. Our time gets filled up with preparations, parties and presents. The focus shifts away from taking care of regular business.

But if you are a transformational entrepreneur, now is not the time to lose focus!

While the rest of the world is taking a casual stroll toward year end, as a transformation entrepreneur that’s simply something you cannot afford to do.

The space that might be created in your consciousness as well as your calendar while everyone else takes a break is a sacred space in which to create your future!

I use this time every year to complete my own special version of “business planning” that I call Soul FULL Business Planning.

It’s the exact plan I have used for the last five years to solidify my vision and set my course for the next year.


Tuesday, December 6th, I am going to share that exact plan with you in The 3 Essential Elements of Business Planning for your Soul FULL Business” virtual training – absolutely FREE!

In just one single hour, I am going to share:

*The only three pieces you ever need for planning in your Soul FULL™ Business

*How to design for and practically guarantee that you hit your targets for 2017, or any target for that matter!

*My biggest secrets for exactly how I’ve grown my business year after year….. sometimes doubling or even tripling it!

*How you can make 2017 the year that everything changes for you in your business!


Finish the year strong and start 2017 even stronger when you reserve your space NOW!

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