Looking for a powerful and smart way to grow your business with no added work?

Oh, you’ve probably heard the hype about marketing funnels and Facebook ads that are supposed to grow your business effortlessly…

Those strategies can be complicated and expensive. And they are not a right fit for most transformational entrepreneurs.

There’s a hidden gem awaiting you.

Once discovered, you’ll forever stop wasting your time on free discovery sessions that don’t convert (at least not enough) and constantly wondering where your next clients are going to come from. This is a powerful and smart way to grow your business with no added work.

Attract serious clients who show up on time and do the work - this strategy has been proven over and over for the last 6 years in our business and in Ronda’s clients’ businesses. Interested?

Whether you’ve been a coach for years, are just starting out, or somewhere in the middle, if you’re currently using sales conversations to enroll clients, paid discovery sessions are the fastest way to increase your revenue with sessions you’re already doing!

It’s a game-changer, giving you a way to grow your business without doing more. Read that again. And increases sales conversions to upwards of 80-90%!

If you’re ready for an enrollment strategy that generates the consistent results you need in your business, then this is for you.


If this sounds like you,
take a deep dive into
Paid Discovery Session Secrets!

For Coaches, Consultants, VAs, Graphic Designers & All Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Exclusively for the Divine Navigation Community.

No more feeling like you have wasted precious time.
No more wondering if they will be the right fit.
No more inconsistent results.

This is about consistent cash flow and working smarter instead of harder. This is about being more efficient and effective in your efforts.

This is about having prospects who are already a “yes” before you even get on the line with them.

You're showing up. Let's make sure you get paid for It.

Whether you’re shifting into high end programs for the first time, beginning to leverage your programs or looking to take your business to the next level, now is the perfect time to attract those serious clients who show up on time and do the work.

Here’s a peek at the insights awaiting you:

  • An additional revenue stream for your business. Plus have more time for the parts of your business you enjoy most!
  • Reduces no-shows to zero. Bye-bye brain-pickers and tire kickers.
  • Better qualified leads, higher quality participants. Hello dream clients!
  • 80-90% sales conversion rate! The industry “standard” right now is between 20-25% - but not for you!
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Claim Your Seat

Your registration includes:

  • Over 3 and half hours of training & QA. Not just information - Transformation.
  • Resources and tools to help you take what you learn directly into your business and add an additional revenue stream.

Register for just $997

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Save Time + Increase Revenue

I’ve been using my Discovery Sessions strategy since 2016 and until now have only taught this to my Private Business In Your Soul® clients. who have gone on to implement this and increase their closing rates up to 90%.

If your current strategies aren’t getting you closing rates up to 90%... getting on the phone with someone who is more likely to buy changes everything!

This is different than building a business one session at a time - as you know, that’s a terrible business model that isn’t leverageable.

This is a sustainable model that values your time while bringing you only the highest qualified clients.

Paid Discovery Session Secrets

You're showing up. Let's make sure you get paid for It!