When you are on the path of

your Soul the path is rarely straight

but the scenery is glorious

The Personal Journey

At some point in your personal journey we all ask "The Big Questions." Sometimes these questions are instigated by a life disruption such as an illness, a break-up or divorce, a financial crisis or death. The Big Questions can arise even when seemingly "good" things happen as well. Because once we've checked all the boxes and still haven't found the fulfillment we crave we start to wonder "is this all there is?" A general sense of dissatisfaction or dis-ease sets in and we may start to think "what's it all for?"

No matter who you are, we all ask these same questions at some time in our lives. Even if it's not until just before our final breath. That's because these questions are the universal nudge to know your Soul. Whenever you start asking them, the presence of these questions signifies a calling to know yourself more deeply, to come into Soul alignment, to get on your true path and to become the person you were meant to be.


Why Am I Here?

"The Big Questions" might be things like...

"Who am I?" -  "Why am I here?"

"Where am I headed?" - "What's the purpose of my life?"

"What is the meaning of life?" - "What do I really want to do with my life?"


"The Big Questions" can also come in the form of statements such as… 

"I wish I had…."  -  "There has to be more to life than this!"

"I know I have something to do, if only I knew what it was."

"I've done everything they told me to and I'm still not happy."

"I have a good life; by some accounts a great life. But it still feels like something's missing."


When you find yourself asking these types of questions (why am I here?) or saying these types of statements to yourself, it's time. It's time to meet your Soul, to live in alignment, and to make the contribution you were born to make. Here's how you do that...



The Purpose

Get Your Map

Believe it or not there is a Map of your Soul. A detailed one. Unique only to you. Your Divine Coordinates® are the specific set of energies that you were designed to express and experience in this life. Each of us have them but most of us aren't aware of them and even more aren't using them. This first step of having your Divine Coordinates identified is paramount to you being the person you were sent here to be.

You have something great to do in this world, a gift to provide that will do your special part to heal your fellow travelers. It's not a specific project or mission, it is a specific set of energies. This unique combination of energies can't be found in any other person anywhere else in the world. This unique combination of energies is like a locator code for the Universe to find you.

Your level of success and fulfillment, professionally, personally and spiritually is determined by the degree to which you are fulfilling on these energies. In order to do that, you must first know what they are! From that knowledge you are able to fully embrace the being that you were designed to be and finally let go of trying to be anything else. What a relief, right?


Activate Your Compass

Once you have your map and your Coordinates, it's time to activate your sacred compass. It's not enough to simply know your Divine Coordinates, it is the integration and activation of them that will set you on your true course. During this next part of your journey that we refer to as Divine Alignment™, you are coming into alignment with who you really are. We all have a self-concept, who we think we are or who we think we should be, that has developed over our lifetime. Most often this comes from our direct experiences, conscious as well as unconscious beliefs, along with conditioning that we have taken on over the course of our life.

Once you have identified your Divine Coordinates® and you know who you really are, now is the time your life begins its course correction. Now you are consciously using the new understanding you have gained of yourself and on how your Divine Coordinates operate in your life and are working to remove the things that do not align with the true you. This makes space for things that do align to come in! This is the true Law of Attraction.

This process looks different for everyone. Of course, it depends on how far "off" your life has gotten from what you came here to do and be. Changes may be subtle yet profound or they may be more extreme. Whatever happens during this phase is up to you and ultimately your Soul. The conscious cooperation with this part of your journey is paramount to your success in coming into Soul alignment.


The Path


The Payoff

Navigate Your Path

Once you have reached a new level of Divine Alignment, you now have all the tools you need to navigate your path. Whatever may come your way you are prepared and purposeful in your actions. You are present and tuned-in to the congruent possibilities for your life. Let yourself be guided to your destiny by your Sou. Where are you being led?
On the first parts of our journey, you learned to embrace who you truly are and to give the gift of yourself to yourself. Once you do that, you are ready to share your Divine Self with the world. Whether that's in your intimate relationships, your family, your profession or your mission, you are truly being your purpose.

The culmination of our journey is Divine Contribution™. This truly is the reason you were born. Your Divine Contribution is the gift you were sent here to be. Now, it's time to share that gift with the world. You will now experience the joy and fulfillment that you have been longing for. The best part is that through this process of embracing and honoring your truth, you are actually changing the world just by being YOU!


Divine Coordinates

North Coordinate

(Personal Path)

While the North may seem like the pinnacle, it is no more important than the other three directional Coordinates. In fact, you can’t reach the north without going through the other three energies. Ironically, it’s not uncommon to experience the opposite as you learn to be the source of this energy.

West Coordinate

(Personal Path)

The key to activating your Divine Coordinates is your West energy. Until we activate this energy, you’ll have limited access to the other energies of your Coordinates. When it’s operating as it’s meant to you will feel the love and support you’ve always wanted.


East Coordinate

(Personal Path)

A common default that  easily overrides the energy for the West, is over-using your East energy. Overthinking, overanalyzing and over planning.  When used in the manner it was intended, the energy of the East will relax your mind and broaden your horizons and expand your perspectives.

South Coordinate

(Personal Path)

The energy of the South is the space to come from before you take any action. More often than not we end up taking action to “get it” rather than learning how to be it.  If you’d like to be more effective and efficient, using your South in aligned ways will make all the difference.


Who Do You Think You Are

Until we learn how to coordinate the four directional Coordinates, the Divine Coordinate at the center of your sacred compass can show up a bit like an Achilles heel. The desire for this experience drives us to unconsciously chase this energy, never realizing what we are really searching for and never really able to sustain the experience.

The only way to the peak experience your Soul most desires is through the pathways of your four directional Coordinates. Think about it… you can't build a pyramid from the peak down, right? Same goes here!

Through identifying, integrating and activating each of your four unique directional Divine Coordinates we reach the peak of the pyramid in a predictable, repeatable, sustainable manner. Here is where you are finally experiencing and expressing all that you are - all of your Soul.


Personal Mastery

Divine Next Step


Business Mastery