Personal Mastery Enrollment


Now that you have Activated your Divine Coordinates® and entered the Divine Alignment™ phase of Divine Navigation, you are ready for more! 

Once you have identified your Divine Coordinates® and you know who you really are, now is the time your life begins it’s course correction. During the Divine Alignment™ phase, you are consciously using the new understanding you have gained on how your Divine Coordinates operate in your life and are working to remove the things life that do not align with the true you. This makes space for things that do align to come in!

This process looks different for everyone. Of course, it depends on how far “off” your life has gotten from what you came here to do and be. The conscious cooperation with this phase is paramount to your success in coming in to Divine Alignment™.

Whether you have been working with your Divine Coordinates for three months or three years, your Divine Coordinates are the gift that keeps on giving! There are always opportunities for a new insight, a new lesson, a new evolution on the horizon of your inner landscape!

The Personal Mastery Program was designed to empower you to continue your work with your Divine Coordinates, share our most cutting edge new tools and provide you support with an awesome community committed to living as souls!


The Personal Mastery Program is designed to:

  • take you deeper into the inner workings of your Divine Coordinates
  • to allow you to break free of the traps inherent in your Divine Coordinates
  • to tap into your source of personal power and allow you to fulfill your purpose
  • and to liberate you to reach your highest potential
  • all while being surrounded by an amazing group of souls!


Your Personal Mastery program runs for twelve consecutive months and includes monthly live training calls with Ronda Renée, creator and founder of Divine Navigation. Past monthly training topics have included:

  • Purpose and Calling as Revealed through Your Divine Coordinates
  • Your Soul’s Prescription
  • Your Divine Coordinates and Your Family of Origin
  • Using your Divine Coordinates to Navigate Your Relationships
  • The Role of the Body
  • The Natural Orientation and Disposition of your Divine Coordinates


You will also receive quarterly private coaching sessions with one of our highly skilled certified Divine Navigation coaches.

The Personal Mastery Program is open only to graduates of the Divine Coordinates Activation Program. Please contact us to enroll.