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Powerful Lessons from Bob Marley for Your Life and Your Business

Bob Marley is without question an icon and a legend. (I suppose that’s why they named one of his albums Legend.) Aside from his music, he is known as a powerful peace advocate. In 2024 the biopic movie, One Love, was released about his life. 

I was blessed to be introduced to Bob Marley’s music in 1985. While I was always drawn to his music, the movie explained why I was drawn to the man behind the music. His being and his life reflect so many of my Divine Coordinates that it grabbed me from minute one. By five minutes in I was crying with joy. 

I was struck by the way he lived his message. I realized that his life as an artist parallels what I’ve witnessed in countless icons and legends, those that come to mind when we think of those that leave behind a legacy as well as many transformational entrepreneurs I know and have worked with.

Here are just a few of the powerful lessons from Bob Marley’s life: 

  • “The messenger must become the message.” Said by his wife Rita who is a powerhouse in her own right. I always say “we go first.” The key is not just the experiences we go through but the integration of those lessons followed by the embodiment of our next level of being through said experiences. People don’t buy what you do. They buy who you are.

  • Even superstars have insecurities. Even at the height of his fame he was still carrying shame that his father was a white man. I’m not sure if we can ever completely escape insecurities but we can choose how and if we let them hold us back. The way I see it, we are the only ones powerful enough to hold ourselves back.

  • He allowed the spirit to move through him. It was clear he knew he was just a conduit. View any video footage of him and you’ll see how he gave himself over to the message to move through him – not from him. He put his faith in his higher power and continually turned over the wheel.He turned himself over repeatedly to, as I say “be used by the universe.”

  • He lived his art. His work was all consuming. How many of us transformational entrepreneurs have been accused of being workaholics? When you are carrying a message and aren’t just working to live your relationship to work is different than 99% of the rest of the world. I don’t love the 4am wake up calls from The Muse and at this point I’ve learned not to ignore that wake up call. Some of my best material arrives at the wee hours of the morning. As long as you aren’t pushing and striving in the personality realm, work as much as you are inspired to when you are inspired to.

  • He spoke up about an unpopular opinion. Chances are you have what I call a “controversial concept.” Something that’s in opposition to the status quo or “the way things are done.” Bob certainly did! How dare he dream of peace in the midst of a country on the verge of civil war? He stood up and spoke up for what he believed in at great risk to himself and those he loved. How dare I dream of a world where we see and relate to one another as Souls rather than personalities? What is the world you dream of? If you don’t speak up about it, who will?

  • “Only you can redeem yourself.” Bob said this to the man who shot him when he came asking for forgiveness. This one is potent. It doesn’t just apply to entrepreneurs of course. I wish everyone realized this. It is in our own mastery of self as Soul that we not only redeem ourselves but ultimately fulfill on the purpose of our birth.

  • “My life is not important to me. If my life is only for me then I don’t want it.” Bob had a true servant’s heart. The balance for a spiritual entrepreneur, especially transformational entrepreneurs, is to stay out of sacrifice or what I refer to as “savior syndrome.” Learn to stay in true service where you are being served as well as those you serve.

  • “… You’re ready.” Upon hearing Bob sing Redemption Song for the first time Rita asked “When you write that?” Bob replied “My whole life.” Rita’s response was “Then you’re ready.” How many of us have been being prepared for our work our entire lives. You are ready. You are the one. The world is waiting for you.

While at first we might not expect a musician such as Bob Marley to be a powerful guide and healer, he stood for something greater. He stood for peace and justice. He stood for oneness and faith. Teachers and healers in disguise are all around us. Including in you. No matter how you make your living, your purpose is fulfilled, only and always, when you are expressing the fullness of your Soul.

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