Seeking Purpose. Finding Fulfillment.

Mark Twain said "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." 

When you don't yet know what your why is, life can be, let's say, less than fulfilling. Not to worry! I can assure you that if you were born - which you clearly were since you are reading this - you have a purpose. 

But what does it mean to have purpose? And why is purpose so important? 

Fulfillment isn't just another word for purpose, by the way. They do go hand-in-hand but not in the way you may think. Your purpose goes far beyond how you make money. It goes far beyond what you do for others. It doesn't have to be connected to how you make your living. And it doesn't have to make sense to anyone else on the planet. 

Your purpose will take many forms throughout your life - sometimes very disparate expressions in fact - as it comes into its fullest expression through you. This doesn't mean your purpose has changed. It simply means it's "maturing." 

So, how do you find your purpose in the first place? And even more importantly how do you live your purpose?

Being purposeful in how you move through your days, how you make choices in your life, and how you interact with others is as important as moving toward a specific expression of your purpose. You'll find loads of resources here to support you in living a purposeful fulfilling life - every day.  

Together we'll explore all this and much more...


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you make a difference

You make a difference: Here’s How

You make a difference just by being in the world. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Instead what most often happens when we get concerned about how you can make a difference in the world is we look outside ourselves to the people who are getting accolades and acknowledgements for their accomplishments.…
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life mastery

Life Mastery and the Search for Meaning

Life mastery. Seems like a pretty tall order. Probably sounds a little – or a lot – like wishful thinking to some (and likely to all of us in certain moments). Considering all the moving parts and things we can’t control, how does one hope to master life anyway? The short answer is we don’t.…
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Concrete steps with quote about leaving a legacy on the risers

Leaving a Legacy Behind

If we’re honest with ourselves, leaving a legacy sounds a little daunting, doesn’t it? Evoking images of saving the planet, ending starvation, eliminating suffering or the likes, it can feel like we are way too small to make such a big difference.  By default we tend to think of legends like Martin Luther King, Mother…
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what are my gifts

What Are My Gifts? Finding Your Spiritual Gifts to Serve Humanity

In a world full of flashy influencers, what are my gifts and how we are contributing to humanity is sometimes hard to imagine. Finding your spiritual gifts to serve the world may not be everyone’s aspiration. Even if not in service, answering the question “what are my gifts?” will point us in the direction of…
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What is a Spiritual Coach and Who Should Hire One

The term spiritual coach and spiritual life coach are often used synonymously. While there are many similarities there are also differences. When you are considering hiring a spiritual coach (or spiritual life coach), there may be some nuances to consider.  Let’s start with the similarities. Both a spiritual coach and a spiritual life coach are…
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the gift of joy

The gift of joy… It’s not what you’ve been told

The gift of joy is a gift we all hope to receive. We imagine joy arriving on the doorstep of our lives like a big glorious immaculately wrapped package with a gigantic bow.  We envision days filled with flow (and maybe a few flowers) and flights of fancy – maybe along with a few flowers.…
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high income skills

High Income Skills: Do You Make the Grade?

High income skills continue to be on the minds of business owners and employees alike. These special skills set your business apart from the would-be competition in the marketplace as well as the job market. Cultivating high income skills in one’s self as well as your team imperative. These skills are going to become more…
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head vs heart

Following Your Head vs Your Heart

Following your head vs your heart is the conundrum of the modern age. For one, notice how this query almost immediately takes us to an either/or scenario.  As if one were better or more desirable. That’s a head thing; to compare and create hierarchy. Industrial society prioritizes head things. Our very method for designing learning…
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soul tribe circle of feet in sand

Soul Tribe and Our Sense of Belonging

Soul tribe; the perhaps mythical place where we feel a deep sense of belonging and connection. Where we are valued for our inherent worth and our divine perfection is reflected back to us. Where we are affirmed in our existence and affirmed of our place in it. The desire to find our Soul Tribe is…
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being unique Different colored umbrella suspended above an alley mimicking a roof

The Invitation to Being Unique

The invitation to being unique may arrive as a gentle nudge or as a clamoring roar. The craving to be unique is as crucial (and natural) as craving your next breath. Feel it? That ping in your gut that doesn’t quite know how to get out. That longing to express something… authentic. The yearning to…
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master manifestor

Are you a Master Manifestor?

Attaining master manifestor status is the ultimate dream of every law of attraction student. Imagine the ability to manifest whatever you want – on demand. Who wouldn’t want your every desire to be met? Who wouldn’t want to be able to have your wishes fulfilled instantaneously? But are we really meant to have such power…
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soul calling

Soul Calling or Soul Purpose: What is the difference?

There’s a lot to wade through on the way to discovering your Soul Calling. How do you find your Soul Calling? How will you know when you’ve found it? What does it take to live it? And perhaps biggest of all, what is the difference between your Soul Calling and your Soul Purpose?   Before we…
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why affirmations don't work

Why Affirmations Don’t Work and Why Intentions are Better

If you’ve ever used them without results, you’ve probably wondered why affirmations don’t work. For as popular as the concept is, it’s surprising to discover how often this manifestation tool falls short. Even worse, if you’re not careful they can leave you feeling more hopeless and inadequate than ever.   Let’s begin by breaking down the meaning…
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what if i'd missed it

What if I missed it?

Fourteen years ago my Soul spoke to me. Well, it was less like a voice and more like a lightning bolt. It’s the reason I am where I am today. What if I’d missed it? Nearly twelve years ago, my Soul spoke to me again. In a client session when another process I was using…
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mission vs purpose

Purpose vs Mission Distinctions for Savvy Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, purpose vs mission is an important distinction in the development of your business. Without this delineation it’s far too easy to blend into the sea of sameness that is the modern marketplace. In order to cut through all the noise and truly stand out in this day and age, how clear you…
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soul purpose-the definition of soul purpose

Soul Purpose: The Definitive Guide

Soul Purpose and its definition popularly tends to focus on what you are here to do and who you are here to serve. Sure, that can be part of your Soul Purpose. But if it’s not; that doesn’t mean you don’t have one. After all, it’s not just entrepreneurs and business owners that got tapped…
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why am I here

Why Am I Here?

“Why am I here?” Perhaps one of the most timeless questions there is. Us humans have continued to ask ourselves this question across the ages. Mark Twain has been cited as saying “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Is there…
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Woman on beach at dusk holding the orb of her spiritual business ideas

Spiritual Business Ideas to Empower your Unique Purpose

If you’re searching for spiritual business ideas it’s clear that you are interested in looking beyond the obvious. You are motivated to make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives. You’re committed to people knowing themselves more deeply. Perhaps you’d like them to know their calling and support their spiritual journey. The question is…
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statue of spiritual deity with offerings of coins

Spiritual Entrepreneur or One In the Making: 13 Qualities to Cultivate

Spiritual Entrepreneurs are changing the world. In fact, they may be the only ones who can. Let’s face it, no matter how you look at it there’s a lot that needs changing or improving in the world. That’s why spiritual entrepreneurs are needed now more than ever. While the business-as-usual business model puts profit above…
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Beautiful sunset with heart in a glass jar. Protecting your heart from being used

Being Used By The Universe

Being used often has a negative connotation. As in “I was being used for them to get what they wanted from me” or “I was taken advantage of.” Yet knowing how to tell when you are being used for a greater purpose is important if you are to fulfill your purpose and role on the…
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Holding a light of inspiration with purpose

222 Purpose Quotes for Finding Your Purpose and Living Your Purpose

Here you’ll find a compilation of 222 purpose quotes collected and hand-selected to support you on your journey of finding your purpose and living your purpose. Whether you are still hoping to find your purpose or feel like you are already living your purpose, we can all use a little inspiration from time to time Living…
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elephant in the room - why is this happening?

Why Is This Happening: Life’s most poignant question

“Why is this happening?” is a common question when life throws us a curveball. Far too often we are led to believe that once we find our purpose and are living intentionally that everything will be all “rainbows and unicorns.” So, when “life happens” to us it can be easy to doubt ourselves. ” Am…
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flower candle lit in water with Buddha statue

27 Indicators You Are Not Aligned with Your Divine Purpose

Living your Divine Purpose and finding your Divine Purpose has finally made it to our social vernacular as we’ve continued to aspire to the Live Your Best Life prescription. The differences in the two pursuits are truly worlds apart. “Live Your Best Life” is commonly seen as living the high life, slaying goals, cashing checks…
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Man standing in sunset with arms raised feeling fulfillment

What is Fulfillment and How Come I’m Not There Yet?

How do I find fulfillment? A question asked throughout the ages. One that many of us still don’t feel like we have a clear answer to. When we do tap into it, it often feels elusive at best. Getting and sustaining fulfillment has long been one of the hallmarks of a successful life. Yet so…
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The risk you must take

A while back I was asked if I had always been a risk taker. I giggled a bit because I really don’t think of myself that way. After all, I don’t particularly care for roller coasters, scary movies or adrenaline inducing events like bungee jumping or sky diving. But, let’s face it, daring to live…
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Enjoy the Scenery on the Detour to Your Potential

Grand Central Station, New York City. It is a sweltering Monday in August. I am in the busiest commuter station in the country at rush hour. There are people in all directions swarming around me like bees. I am exhausted, pretty much broke and ready to give up. For a moment, I almost succumb to…
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woman standing on a road contemplating her next step divine detour

Divine Detours

  Can you say “Plot Twist?!?!?!!?” Divine detours naturally bring with them unexpected twists and turns. You know the old adage “we make plans; God laughs?” This is often how we experience a Divine Detour.    A while back, I happened to be catching up with a past client turned friend, Michelle, and like many…
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I’ll either Fall or I’ll Fly

  During a recent interview, I was asked if I have always been a risk taker. It’s a little funny that I don’t think of myself as one but I get how it can look like that from the outside. While I have never been a fan of roller coasters nor had the desire to…
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Woman wearing a yellow sweater writing a manifestation list in her journal

Could Your Manifestation List Be Limiting You?

The manifestation list is a mainstay of the law of attraction philosophy. But you may be surprised to learn that this tool can actually be detrimental when used incorrectly. The basic premise of a manifestation list is that the more precise and specific you can be about what you want the more likely you are…
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woman resembling an angel

How did I ever live this way?

These days, most know me as the grounded, centered, mostly tranquil, if occasionally over-excitable but definitely intentional and purposeful woman I am today. But for those of you that knew me “before,” you know I wasn’t always the way people see me today – calm, confident and clear – far from it! I spent the…
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alone on the beach

It’s time to say goodbye

There are times in your life when you know something’s just got to change. A situation has run it’s course. A cycle is coming to an end.   You’ve been so good to me….. but it’s time to say goodbye…..   Goodbye to who I have been…….goodbye to what I have been……goodbye to where I…
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Beer toast

Fifth Anniversary of the Birth of my True Calling

  Five years ago today, the work now known as Divine Navigation was birthed. I was  in session with a client that day using another process and for the first time ever it simply wasn’t working. In a flash, I gave it UP. While part of me could have panicked and thought “Oh no! I don’t…
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