mission vs purpose

Purpose vs Mission Distinctions for Savvy Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, purpose vs mission is an important distinction in the development of your business. Without this delineation it’s far too easy to blend into the sea of sameness that is the modern marketplace. In order to cut through all the noise and truly stand out in this day and age, how clear you are on purpose vs mission could make or break your business.

In personal service industries (such as coaching, professional services, the experts industry, etc.) understanding and properly utilizing the difference between purpose vs mission is crucial in attracting ideal clients. While every well known company out there has a mission statement, far less have a truly worthy purpose – outside of making a profit. This innovative way of looking at purpose vs mission will help ensure you are working with those with whom your message most resonates.

The Modern Statement Mission Statement vs Purpose

It’s time to say so long to the boring mission statement. You’ve seen them. “At COMPANY X we are committed to providing the best GENERIC SERVICE to our CUSTOMERS by FLUFFY PROMISES.” What does a mission statement like this really ever tell us about what the company we are doing business with stands for?

The classic mission statement is dry, predictable and lacks the vitality and energy required today. Gone are the days when businesses can simply fulfill their service without being transparent and authentic with their customers. What people really want to know nowadays is what drives the companies they are doing business with. They want to know that they have shared values and what principles the company is making decisions based on. 

Incorporating the bigger vision and purpose behind your company is what’s called for now. Leading with your core purpose versus mission statement elevates you head and shoulders above the rest. What motivates your company as an organization and culture? What’s truly meaningful about your operations? What’s the purpose behind the profit? 

Being able to express your uniqueness in this way in the marketplace requires a deeper exploration of vision vs mission vs purpose So let’s explore further.

Vision vs Mission vs Purpose

The proper coordination of your business’ vision vs mission vs purpose sets the energetic foundation for your business. Traditionally a company’s vision is where they wish to be at some point in their future. While most consider a company’s mission to be based on what their current objectives are and how they are going to achieve them. Unfortunately, when it comes to purpose the closest most companies come, besides the fact that the general purpose of business is to make a profit, is in identifying their values. 

There’s far more opportunity to be had with vision vs mission vs purpose when we flip it on its head. Generally, most mission statements are what companies already believe they can fulfill on. They aren’t stretching themselves. Basically they are saying “this is the minimum we plan to do.” What the world needs now is for all of us to think bigger right from the start. Identifying a mission we aren’t sure we can fulfill automatically has us play a bigger game in the here and now – not in some far off distant future. 

In our proprietary Purpose Pyramid™ process, the mission you create for your business is the biggest paradigm-shifting objective you have for the world. It will feel big – huge even. But not to worry. The good news is that in this model of vision vs mission vs purpose, you won’t be fulfilling this mission on your own. In fact, it’s clear that would not be possible. 

When we claim a mission in this way it’s not just about what one business, your business, can do. It’s about other businesses that are up to a similar objective. Some may think of these other businesses as competition. We like to think of them as fellow members of a larger “team” all out to be part of creating shared change in the world. After all one business can’t possibly serve all seven billion plus people on the planet now can they? 

There’s another shift when it comes to creating your Purpose Pyramid. That’s to the use of your company’s vision. In this case, here’s where you hone in on the vision you have for your specific role in fulfilling the mission you’ve already identified. Yes, in some ways mission and vision are flipped in our model over the traditional mission versus vision model but there’s a bit more to it. Your mission sets your sights on your idea of utopia not just “solving a problem” in the boring old business sense. Your vision then proclaims the piece of that mission you are in a sense taking responsibility for. This ensures that your purpose is always honored in the process.

Brand mission vs brand purpose

Now when it comes to brand mission vs brand purpose we integrate your Purpose Pyramid with a unique expression of your purpose through your company brand. While it’s important to be sure the marketplace understands what your company does, we want to be careful not to over-simplify things. 

Too often when communications get over simplified you sacrifice the Soul of your business and brand mission vs brand purpose are lost in the process. Keeping the brand purpose vs mission (different from brand promise) front and center keeps your product or service from becoming just another commodity. 

Bringing it all together, your Purpose Pyramid consists of one part mission, one part vision, one part purpose. That last piece being the special sauce of The Business in Your Soul®. The top of your Purpose Pyramid. What we call it your Dedicated Purpose.  

Since 2011, courageous men and women around the world have chosen Divine Navigation and committed to the extraordinary and transformative experience of birthing, building and branding the business in their Soul – through their Divine Coordinates. We invite you to also explore the journey of making a profit through your purpose.