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Finding Purpose

Take a stroll down the self-improvement aisle in any bookstore and you'll see book after book telling you to "seek your purpose"... "find your purpose"... "live your purpose." There are countless signals that tell us our purpose is somehow "missing." It's not here.

So rare are the ones that seem to have found their purpose that they can sometimes feel like mythical creatures. It may lead you to wonder... "Do I have a purpose?" Not to worry. I assure you, you have a purpose. If you are here, you are here for a reason. Simply for the fact that you were born, you have a purpose. 

Often, we are simply looking in the wrong places. 

Purpose has come to be simplistically defined by what we do for others. That takes the focus off of us and places it outside ourselves. When the truth is, your purpose first and foremost is for you. 

Back to that bookstore aisle… 

In all those well-meaning books on finding purpose, you'll find exercises, assessments and questions meant to lead you to your deepest purpose. The problem with this method is when we are reading we are using the cognitive part of our minds. Here is where who you know yourself to be resides. The trouble here is our self-view is limited making it difficult - if not impossible - to see what more there might be for us. It's hard to see who we are meant to be beyond who we have been. 

Another common method prescribed to find one's purpose is through meditation. Right away I might lose at least half of you who believe you can't meditate.  For the other half who have become mildly to masterfully proficient in the art of meditation, when you receive an answer you aren't likely to believe it. Why is that? Again, it's because the pictures of who you believe yourself to be aren't going to match the vision you may have received. It is indeed a common misconception that your life experience is directly related to your purpose. Not necessarily true. That's just stuff you've been through.


What Is My Purpose

So, what is my purpose and how do I find it? More importantly, how do I live it? 

Purpose is most commonly thought of as what we do - for others, for work, for the world.  However, purpose has nothing to do with how you make money (although it can make you money).  It has nothing to do with how it benefits others (although it will). And it has nothing to do with how much fame or notoriety you achieve (although go for it if that interests you). 

You were in fact given a purpose. A purpose that was given only to you. A purpose that can only come through you. But, it's time you knew the truth. The fact of the matter is we all have the same purpose. It just so happens, that purpose expresses differently through each and every one of us. And I guarantee, it's not what you think.

So, what is that purpose? That purpose is Self-Mastery. Not in a generic sense. In a very specific sense. There is a specificity to this purpose that is unique to you. You see, for each of us there is a very specific set of energetic pathways along which your Soul intended to master itself. Your evolving expression and experience of these pathways leads you to higher and higher levels of mastery. Those pathways lead you to your Soul. To your purpose. 

I don't know what your specific purpose is - yet - but I can show you where to find it.


The Purpose

Identifying Your Divine Purpose

Your Divine Purpose is who you be - not just what you do. The keys to your Divine Purpose are hidden within your Soul. There is a specific set of energies that make up the frequency of your Soul. These frequencies are the building blocks of your purpose. The trick is that they are invisible to us. So, how can you identify your divine purpose if you can't see it? 

Imagine this… try to look at the tip of your nose. Right now. Try it. You can't see it, can you? You might catch a glimpse, perhaps see the edge on one side, but there is no way to get a full view of your own nose. In order to do so, you'll need a mirror. 

Same goes for identifying your Divine Purpose. Without that mirror, it's far too easy to fall into who we've been, who we think we should be, or who someone else wants us to be. In short, who you've been more often than not get in the way. The truth is your purpose may have absolutely nothing to do with anything you've thought of or done before. 

Take me for example, while I went to fashion college, I then ended up in construction materials sales for over a decade, then I was led to my work of Divine Navigation.  If we continue to base our future off our past, we'll likely miss out on what our Soul is calling us to.


Aligning with Your Purpose

Once you know your Divine Purpose through your Divine Coordinates, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt who you really are along with who you are in the process of becoming. That becoming is paramount to living your purpose. While you may not yet know yourself as who you truly are, your Soul's potential is waiting for you. Waiting for you to consciously create your life in alignment with its highest expression. 

Having identified your Divine Purpose, it's time to begin to make your choices and decisions in alignment with your Soul's highest truth. Gone are the days when you aren't sure which direction to go in. From now on you only need one question…" is this in alignment with my Soul; with my Divine Coordinates?"

Admittedly, that makes it sound simplistic and it is. It's also not always easy. As you know, the world provides plenty of opportunities to pull us "out;" to take us off course. We are regularly offered detours and distractions. Don't let them do it!  It is your job - dare I say your responsibility - to continue to align with your purpose again and again. 

It's been said that airplanes are off course about 90% of the time. It's the pilots job to put it back on course. Same goes for you. While we strive for much better odds, you'll be the one, controls in hand, putting yourself back on path. Good thing you've got your own personalized Soul Map now to get back on track no matter what comes your way!


The Path


The Payoff

Living Your Purpose

Here's what we all dream of - living our purpose. Too often it remains just that; a dream. Days filled with responsibilities, jobs, families and financial obligations can make living your purpose feel like a long-shot. I'm here to tell you it's not. 

What would it feel like to wake up in the morning inspired to get out of bed and into your day? To go to bed at night knowing you had fully lived, not just survived? And to have the moments in between really mean something?

Living your purpose may feel like a luxury. But trust me, it's a necessity. In fact, we could even say that living your purpose IS your purpose. A life of deep meaning, purpose and satisfaction is the life you are meant to have. Of course, that looks different for each and every one of us. 

You may be thinking that in order to live your purpose your whole life (or a big piece of it anyway) would have to change. Not so! When you know the specific experiences your Soul intended for you to have, it's a lot easier to create them in your life even if the outer circumstances don't change much - or at all. Believe it or not none of the circumstances of your life have to change in order for your whole life to change. Yep, you read that right!

Even when we are faced with hard times we can be living our purpose. In fact, those are often the moments we learn the most about how to live our purpose and can even be an important  part of us fulfilling our purpose. So, it's not that life isn't without its challenges. But it's never without purpose. 


Purposeful Direction

Where to from here? Anywhere your Soul leads you! 

Living in alignment with your Soul means you are always on purpose and living purposefully. Knowing the specific experiences your Soul intended for you to have and building them into your life on purpose each and every day. 

It doesn't have to be grandiose or flashy. Chances are, most days it likely won't be. What it will be is intentional, experiential,and repeatable - now that's purposeful. With the map of your Soul you get precise turn-by-turn directions for the path to your greatest fulfillment and satisfaction.  Not some day. Today. 


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