Intentional You


The 2020 Energetic Forecast from Ronda Renée:
Tools and Guidance You’ll Use All Year Long!

Intentional You is the same forecast you’ve come to love and rely on over the past 7 years with a new experience and support built-in!

What’s in store for you in 2020?
What if you could steer confidently throughout the entire year? What would that feel like for you?

This is the ultimate guidance curated straight from the Universe packed with advice for 2020 and beyond.

You can manifest your soul-centered Intention!

Stay on track and aligned with your highest self throughout the year without being surprised by unforeseen energy spikes or shifts!

Give your Intention the best chance to manifest and reserve your spot today!

Imagine how much more progress you could make this year… simply by being aware of what influences are impacting your life experience and Intentionally work WITH them so you don’t have to feel as if they are happening “to” you but “for” you.

Each year holds its own unique opportunity to support you in…

  • Learning and evolving
  • Stepping into a new reality
  • Mastering yourself and your personal journey

These opportunities are presented to everyone based on the universal energetic influences we will be traveling through collectively. Whether you are aware of them or not you will be influenced by these energies. But if you aren’t aware of them and working with them consciously you could very well miss out on the chance to take advantage of what they are offering.

For the last 7 years, I have been guiding people through this energetic journey month to month throughout the year. 

This year I have designed an entirely new way to support you in manifesting your Intention and making the most of the series of energies we will be traveling through in 2020.

With this, you’ll finally harness the energy around you to
fully manifest your Intention

Each energetic influence is divinely designed by the universe to carry you forward on your path to your ultimate destination – the highest expression of your Soul. 

You are always being influenced by these energies whether you are aware of them or not!

Here’s your chance to make the most of the opportunity they are offering you!

Not being conscious of the current energetic influence is a lot like flying blind. 

You are in motion but you can’t actually see where you’re headed. That means you don’t have the chance to change course to avoid the obstacles on your path. You also may not know where you are actually headed.

Each and every month, as the energetic influence shifts, you’ll be able to:
  • Prepare for what’s ahead
  • Understand how to best use each influence to support your journey
  • Best manifest your Intention for the year
  • Be assured that you are moving forward on your Divine Path at every step along the way

The forecasts are an experience, rich with ancient wisdom including teaching on the Tarot and the Qabbalah, and don’t worry, you do not need any prior knowledge on either topic! 

Each forecast is also filled with channeled insights and techniques from me to make the most of what 2020 has to offer!

Intentional Success Retreat Exclusive Bonus Package

BONUS 1 – Intention Coaching Call Recording
Listen in as Intentional YOU members receive direct support from Ronda Renée and confirm their 2020 Intentions.

BONUS 2 – Quarterly Community Q&A Calls
Get direct face time together! We’re committed to making sure you have the best possible chance for creating exactly what you desire in the New Year!

If you can’t make a call don’t worry! You can submit a question before the session for Ronda to answer during the live call and you can watch the replay to receive your personalized response at your convenience.

BONUS 3 – Complete Intentional Success Virtual Retreat Recordings

Receive lifetime access to re-listen to the entire virtual retreat at any time. If you need to deepen your connection to your Intention or re-visit one of the rituals you can do at any time.

Recordings for the virtual retreat are not sold separately, so this the only way to get your hands on this forever.

How it works:

This is your complete 2020 monthly energetic guide to manifesting your Intention!

Get ready to take a deep dive into each and every energetic influence we have to work within 2020. 

Receive guidance throughout the year on how each energy applies to your personal experience in order to give your Intention the best chance to manifest. 

Bring your Intention to life with additional tips and tools to incorporate with your personal practices and rituals.

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Meet Your Energetic Guide

Ronda Renée has been called a modern-day mystic with “x-­ray vision for your soul.” International speaker, facilitator, three-time best-­selling author, Life Fulfillment & Spiritual Business Mentor, Ronda has the unique ability for making the mystical practical.

As the creator of Divine Navigation,® Ronda teaches you how to align with the unique energetic qualities of your soul, your Divine Coordinates®, enabling you to live a life of deep meaning, purpose & satisfaction.

Knowing that true success & fulfillment can only be found by living and working in alignment with your soul, through her Business in Your Soul® and Purpose Mastery programs she helps entrepreneurs & service professionals identify, design & run businesses from their soul so they can finally make the difference & the money they were meant to.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join this soul-centered community! 


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Hope to see you on the inside!