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It is time for the 6th Annual Intentional Success in the New Year Virtual Retreat!

I absolutely LOVE hosting this event every year! 

And this year once again you can register ABSOLUTELY FREE!

When I my own personal closing ceremonies for myself, I spend a good hour and then some at minimum on each of the three phases of Reflect, Release and Realign.

That is why you will want to participate with me in the Intentional Success virtual retreat where I will guide you through my entire process for creating your Intentional Success.  

This last year would have been much less extraordinary and divinely guided had I not received the gift of Ronda’s insight and light at its start. There are few people able to invite us ‘back’ to ourselves in the way Ronda does. And fewer still who undeniably change the way we actually experience ourselves after having spent some time with them.

As a professional student of self-development and self-actualization, I was honestly not expecting to experience an entirely new way of creating an intention that would stick in the year that lay ahead. And I was certainly not expecting to realize at the end of one year how effortlessly I stayed aligned with the highest version of myself, which I crafted with Ronda’s generous guidance during her Intentional Success in the New Year Virtual Retreat.

With gratitude and awe (and hopes for another invitation), Susan, SC



The Virtual Retreat will be LIVE

Saturday January 5th
10 am – 4pm PT/11 am – 5pm MT/12 – 6pm CT/1 – 7pm ET. 



This is a highly interactive event of creating your 2019!

First you will take a thorough inventory to Reflect of your 2018 experience including my energetic forecast for 2018 in order for you to have a full understanding of where you were being guided to and to be clear on all the gifts the year brought as well as make peace with and complete anything that you need to before you fully step into the New Year. 

Next we will use ritual and ceremony to Release anything and everything from 2018 that you don’t want carried forward into 2019. Based on what 2019 is about, trust me, you don’t want anything you don’t want or need moving forward with you into the New Year! 



I am so happy you will be doing the Intentional Success again this year! It is such a help to have a window of time uninterrupted to really reflect on what the past year has brought. The process of releasing the previous year makes it easier to find my true intention for the next year that is not colored by my trying to avoid something or being influenced by the world outside. Thank you for helping so much, and I love and appreciate you no end!

Blessings, Jania Aebi, Energy Healer, Pully, Switzerland


Then I will teach you my proprietary intention process to identify and manifest the right intentions for you for 2019. Remember…. Setting the wrong intention is the primary reason people can’t manifest what they want in their lives. 


I have attended the Intentional Success retreat for many years and now I look forward to it each year. It is a wonderful time to really hone in on the experience I want to have in the coming year. The beginning of a new year just wouldn’t feel the same without this powerful ritual.

Shaughnessey W. Thornton, CO



You even have the opportunity to get coaching from me directly to ensure that your intention is in alignment with your soul.

I really enjoyed my first Intentional Success in the New Year virtual retreat! It was easy to join in and even though I knew no one I felt held in love. The energetic presence of every person coming together and sharing their energy was a gift that has supported my journey of life for the entire year.

Thank you! Kali Bolo Queensland, Australia


I’ll also be sharing how to amplify your intention so that you can bring your intention to life in your life at any moment throughout the year!

This annual virtual retreat is also the only way you will be able to get your hands on the 2019 energetic forecast including ALL of the support and challenge cards (which used to only be available to those in my year long program).

This 6 hour live private event will be delivered in four segments where we will take a deeper dive into each of the phases of Reflect, Release and Realign including actually identifying, crafting and activating your unique intention for 2019!

This is the ONLY program we offer where you have the opportunity to get coaching from me directly at this crazy low investment!



Last year was the first year I participated in the Intentional Success Retreat and I will certainly participate again this year! I was able to follow the entire retreat which set up my intention for compassion and to continuously return to that intention throughout the year. This opened the door for me to receive many grand messages which guided me to first have compassion for myself through yoga and meditation to attending shamanistic and healing weekends opening up my compassion for others and finally a trip to the Himalayas where I focused intensely internally and externally. I feel ready and more determined to set up another intention for 2019.

Thank you Ronda Renee. Angelina B, Italy


Get ALL of my favorite tools, techniques,
rituals and ceremonies for
moving forward powerfully into 2019!

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The first year I attended the International Success Retreat 4 years ago, I was at a friend’s house and we attended together. This is a great event to do with a friend or alone. It is now my favorite New Year event! The retreat helps me let go of what is no longer needed, be grateful for the lessons learned, and move into more awareness and joy in the new year. I am so grateful to Ronda for continuing to hold this event every year at No Cost!

Karen A Austin TX


Ronda Renee is a Life Fulfillment and Spiritual Business Mentor, and international speaker who has been said to have “x-ray vision for your soul.” Through her Business in Your Soul® and Divine Coordinates® programs, Ronda teaches high achieving women and entrepreneurs how to get the fulfillment along with the financial success they crave in their lives and businesses through aligning with who they really are not just who they think they have to be to get what they want.



I have been doing the Intentional Success Retreat for years…maybe since the beginning. Every year it gets better and I can go deeper into the work. And when I revisit the intentions I set and the direction life has gone over the year, I am always excited to see the steps I have taken.

The retreat is my official New Year’s Celebration because it is when I celebrate the accomplishments and growth of year just completed and set the course for the year to come, navigating it with awareness and intention!

Susan Mason-Apps, Town of the Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada

Yes! I’m Ready!