z.expired.Soul FULL Business Planning for 2019 Virtual Retreat

Finally! A better way to plan and create predictable results in your Soul FULL Business that doesn’t leave you feeling stressed out, over committed and inauthentic!


Look I get it. Chances are you didn’t start your business for the “business” part. You started your business to make a difference. The problem is, in order to be able to make that difference, you need to make sure that your business thrives.

But far too often, your best laid plans to move your business forward  are actually working against you.

And here’s why…..

You don’t have a “normal” business. So, normal business structures and planning frequently do more harm than good when you just try to plug them into your soul-driven business.


And often they can even leave you feeling like there is something wrong with you. 

I’m here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!

It’s simply that the old paradigm of planning, forecasting and projecting doesn’t work in spirit/soul driven business.


You don’t need to change but your planning model certainly does!

So, what WILL work?

For a Soul FULL Business you need Soul FULL Business Planning!


I personally have had BIG resistance to “planning”……..

Traditional goal setting has never worked for me. It all just feels WAY to0 limiting!

Even regular scheduling such as “every Tuesday, I do this….” can make my skin crawl!

I prefer to be moved by inspiration and follow my motivation over a schedule any day!


I also have BIG goals and a BIG difference to make in the world – just like YOU!

That wasn’t going to be possible without some planning, right?

But, remember I HATE planning!

What was a girl to do?

I am committed to transforming the world through my business WITHOUT compromising who I am.


I HAD to find a way of “planning” that worked for me!

And I did!

I call it Soul FULL Business Planning. 


Perhaps you have had similar experiences….

  • Do you dread or even flat out avoid business planning for your soul driven business?
  • Ever wonder why the ‘business-as-usual” business model of planning just doesn’t work for you?
  • Tired of feeling like you have little (or no) control over the results you get in your business?
  • Ready to get the secret formula for finally being able to create success in your business?


If this sounds familiar, then you are not going to want to miss the COMPLIMENTARY Soul FULL Business Planning Virtual Retreat!

Yes! I’m Ready!



In this live two-part virtual training, you and I are going walk step by step through the exact formula I have used to take my business from a part-time $10K a year gig to multiple six figures and growing. Sometimes doubling or even tripling my business in a single year!

The same formula my private clients have modeled to go from zero to six figures in as little as six months!

With this exact formula you can create the results you want in your business too! 

This is for you if:

  • You are committed to making a massive difference in the world through your business
  • You know you need to create more forward motion in your soul-driven business
  • You’ve tried all the systems and just haven’t found the “fit” that feels authentic to you
  • You are ready run your business from a whole new perspective


You’re going to learn the secret formula for Soul FULL Business Planning that I used to take my business from a part-time 10K a year part-time gig to a thriving multi-six figure (and growing) business!

Yes! I’m Ready!


This is NOT a one-size-fits-all business plan.

Your Soul FULL Success will be as unique as you are!


Your Soul FULL Business Success is an inside job! First we need to know what the experience is that you want to have in your business – not the result you think you want!

But no matter how much planning you do you also need to be able to discern when it’s time to change course. I will share my favorite tools and “check-ins” for how to confirm that your Intentions and Targets are truly aligned for you.

And of course if we don’t take action, nothing will happen. But not just any action will do!  I see far too many Soul FULL entrepreneurs fall into the trap of doing for doings sake because it can make you feel like you are getting somewhere. You just understand how to choose what actions to take to move out into the world powerfully!


“Working with Ronda Renée has been such a blessing. If you’re looking for someone who is real and a different way of doing things (in your biz), you really must attend this!”
— Colleen Davis, Colorado



Join me for the webcast retreat (or audio only if you prefer) and get:

  • What it takes to create and renew your motivation in your business
  • How to make a plan without being a slave to it
  • Easily identify what will really move your business and purpose forward 
  • Release the burden of external expectations around how it “should” be done
  • The secret to identifying and connecting with your true desires (rather than what you think you should want)
  • Understand how to use your presence to expand your reach
  • How to instantly create more authenticity and connection in your marketing


“Thank you again for all of your support and help. 3 new private clients in the last two weeks and a new event now with 5 sign ups. Things are rolling again!.”
— Ken Stone, Colorado

Yes! I’m Ready!



“Wow is all I can say. Ronda you are focused, present, intuitive and quickly got me on track and on purpose for next year. And with my tendency to be all over the place, that is no easy feat!”
— Dhiresha Marshall, North Carolina

So now you may be wondering, “Ronda, how EXACTLY are you going to do all this?”

Valid question!

Here’s how…

I’ve designed this LIVE 2 part virtual training retreat to go much deeper than than your average tele-seminar or training program.

This is an innovative, interactive experiential program where you will be taking what you are learning directly into your business and putting it into action immediately.

I’m going to personally walk you through step by step to be sure you apply what you learn on the spot. It’s not okay with me for you continue to gather information that does not create transformation in your life and business!


Here are the SPECIFICS:

Part 1 was held live on Monday December 3, 2019.
When you register, you’ll receive immediate access to the replays so you’ll be ready to
join us LIVE for Part 2 on

Monday, December 10th

10am-1pm Pacific/11am-2pm Mountain/12pm-3pm Central/1pm-4pm Eastern

Other time zones click here to convert time.


I know how hard it is to step away from you business for an entire day so this year the retreat will be delivered in two parts with two 90-minute segments each with short breaks between segments.


In segment one, I covered:

  • Why traditional business planning will never work for your business
  • The only three pieces you ever need for planning in your Soul FULL™ Business
  • How to design for and practically guarantee that you hit your targets for 2019, or any target for that matter!
  • My biggest secrets for exactly how I’ve grown my business year after year….. sometimes doubling or even tripling it!
  • But wait! There’s more….


In segment two we’ll be putting your intention into action! I’ll be sharing:

  • How to prioritize your plans for greater productivity and success
  • Using your “other” senses to determine the best course of action for YOU
  • Setting yourself up for ease and efficiency while still getting it all done
  • How you can make 2019 the year that everything changes for you in your business!
  • *And so much more!


And not to worry, both sessions will be recorded just in case you can’t make one of them live. So, you will get every bit of transformation as if you were live!

Each “day” begins at 10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12pm Central, 1pm Eastern with short breaks between segments  (Other time zones please check here). 


Rose Marie Swanson

“I have used Soul FULL Business Planning for several years in a row now. My intention has shown up every year like magic without me having to “work” for it. Not only have I grown my business, I’ve done it in a way that was effortless, easy and fun! ” — Rose Marie Swanson, South Carolina

Yes! I’m Ready!



So what’s all of this going to cost me?

Working with me privately is usually a multiple thousand dollar investment. But you aren’t going to pay that!

That’s right! I have been leading this training for seven years now and past participants have invested up to $497 for the exact same training.

But you’re not going to pay that.

Your time, energy and attention to attend the training and apply what you learn along with the plan we create together is the only investment you will need to make to get the entire Soul FULL Business Planning training this year.

This year I was inspired to provide this training for absolutely NOTHING for my community.

What would it be worth to you to know how to create success in your business every single day? What would you pay to know that  you had the exact formula to make 2016 your best business year yet? To experience more peace and joy as you fulfill you purpose and make your difference in the world?  (Can we agree that would be priceless?!?!)

Surely that is worth six short hours of your time.

So there are a lot of programs out there to choose from, why should I pick yours?

Good question.

First, because this isn’t just any other “course.” This is an Intensive, Interactive, Individualized TRAINING. I am PERSONALLY going to be guiding and coaching you step-by-step to create YOUR Soul FULL Business Plan for 2019. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all class that’s only full of information. You’re going to get ME (A LOT of ME) with plenty of opportunity for one-on-one interaction.

Frankly, there is NOTHING else out there where you’re going to get this level of interaction and teaching for a price this low.

One more thing you need to know, this very well may be the only time that I offer this program for free outside of my Purpose Mastery Inner Circle Program.

So, are you ready to reserve your space?

Yes! I’m Ready!



Live your Light!

P.S.  I could tell you it doesn’t matter to me if you attend this training or not but that wouldn’t be the truth. What matters to me more than anything is that you move forward without anything holding you back from making the difference you are here to make. Indecision and incompleteness are just more ways that you keep fulfillment at bay. My recommendation is that you MAKE A CHOICE one way or another before you leave this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing left “undone.” What’ll it be?  YES or NO. Trust yourself (the true you)  and move forward. If YES, Reserve your spot and get ready for an amazing 2017.

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

1) What are the course dates and times?

This is a two-part virtual retreat delivered on two days, December 3rd & December 10th, with a total of four 90 minute segments (two on each day). When you register, you receive immediate replay access.

2) What if I can’t make it live?

It’s okay! We’ve got you covered. All segments will be recorded and a complimentary access to the recordings will be made available to you after for a limited time.

3) How long will I have access to the materials?

Replays will be available through Monday December 17th. If you would like to add the full training to your own personal training library, the downloads will be made available at a minimal investment.

4) Can I share this with a friend?

Having a close friend or loved one walking this path with you has been show to increase your results. So YES, please feel free to share this page or the replay of the complimentary training call with your friends by sending them to: http://soulfullbusinessplanning.com


About Ronda Renee 

Ronda Renée is a Life Fulfillment and Spiritual Business Mentor, and international speaker who has been said to have “x-ray vision for your soul.” Through her Business in Your Soul® and Your Divine Navigation System® programs, Ronda teaches high achieving women and entrepreneurs how to get the fulfillment along with the financial success they crave in their lives and businesses through aligning with who they really are not just who they think they have to be to get what they want.