Transform Your To Do List

Our lives have gotten fuller and fuller. There is simply no way we can every get it “all done.” In Transform Your To-Do List, Ronda Renée will show you how to not only get more done with greater joy and ease but also how to get more fulfillment out of each moment of every day!


During this amazing course, you will learn: 

  How to use the Laws of the Universe to work in your favor

  Uncover and stay true to the things that are most important to you

  How to choose your priorities and how to let everything else go!

  Discover quantum physics principles and how to bend time

  How to prioritize and organize your mind for productivity

  Master the single most powerful word in our language

  Recognize when you are swimming upstream

  How to follow the energy of what to do next

  And much, much more!


Lesson 1: From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Find out the top ways that you overwhelm yourself and how to shift out of overwhelm instantly

Lesson 2: Your Authentic “NO”

Learn how to stop saying yes and overcommitting and make space for what is
most important to you by learning how to say “no” 

Lesson 3: Self-Sufficiency Syndrome and The “D” words

Identify if you have self-sufficiency syndrome and learn how to accept help through Delegating and clear your plate by De-committing

Lesson 4: Procrastination and Motivation

Discover the hidden gifts in procrastination and find out what really motivates you.

Lesson 5: Priorities and Purpose

Identify your most important priorities and how your Divine Purpose aligns with
them. (**Note Sacred Compass is now known as Divine Coordinates®)

Lesson 6: Tools and Techniques

Wrap up with Ronda’s favorite tools for making energetic space and
managing your to-dos

Bonus: The Energy of Productivity

Tips and tricks to be even more productive without overdoing