Living with Soul Alignment

Even if you aren't there today, we've all had glimpses of being in flow and aligned with the universe. Times when life really seems to "work" and everything seems to be going our way. Unfortunately, far too often, glimpses are all we get. The big question is how to sustain those periods of ease and even create them on command. 

What usually happens when we fall out of flow, is we start running around trying to duplicate the circumstances and take all the same actions we did just before we fell into flow. Alas, we fail to recreate the magic. Maybe it was a fluke? Maybe we'll never experience that ease again? 

Many turn to the law of attraction and manifestation practices believing that will bring them what they are looking. That getting the big new house, the sexy new partner, the high paying  job will fill the void somehow none of it is ever quite satisfying. Inevitably, focusing on what's not already in your life tends to bring more dissatisfaction than joy and locks in a sense of lack. So what will make your Soul happy?

Your Soul wants one thing and one thing only. To be in alignment with itself. So, what's it like to be in alignment with your soul?

There isn't a single area of your life that Soul alignment won't impact. When you are in alignment with your Soul relationships are elevated to intimacy, work to purpose, and obligations to inspirations. 

That empty feeling, that sense of "what's it all for?" is gone for good. You know that you are here for a specific purpose and you know how to live it today and every day. The people and circumstances necessary to manifest your dreams appear as if by magic. And best of all, you are fulfilled. Nothing is missing. Nothing is broken.

Let's discover what it means to be in alignment, what it looks like and how to create it without having to level your life and start over. We'll explore signs that let you know when you are out of alignment with your Soul and simple course corrections you can make today to support you staying in flow and true to your path. Read on!


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woman buried under a pile of laundry trying to have a balanced life

What Is A Balanced Life?

What is a balanced life? That elusive sense that all the priorities and responsibilities of life are floating perfectly in relation to one another. If I’m living a balanced life, how do I know if I’m working too much? Spending enough time with my kids? Prioritizing self-care such as taking time to exercise and eat…
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How to Manifest Crystal ball

How to Manifest without a New Year Resolution

January 1st marks the New Year when we traditionally reflect on the year that has just ended. And, list all the things we hope to manifest in the coming year. Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions at this time because we think it’s how to manifest what we want in our lives. Wrongly assuming that…
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Are you really FREE?

Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day in the US which always makes me ponder how a country full of self-proclaimed free people can be SO not independent. I’m not talking about independence in the sense of “I don’t need anyone” but more in the sense of autonomy where you are truly self-governing with the ability to act freely…
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The Journey back to YOU

None of us is on our journey alone. Me included! You may not be aware of the other amazing women that walk along side me at Divine Navigation. A few weeks ago it became clear to me that it was important for me to share them with you! This week I am sharing with you…
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Woman walking under tree

The year of Unifying Divinity

Each year I identify a primary energetic theme based loosely on numerology (I am NOT a numerologist) as well as my own awareness and intuition then support it by the tarot card spread that I do to reveal the sequence of energies we will be experiencing collectively in the coming year. This year I struggled a…
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2017: The “Lost” Year

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is already coming to an end, isn’t it? I certainly had high hopes for 2017. I bet you did, too. However, we apparently weren’t quite there yet. Many of us spent some or all of the year feeling a little (or a lot) lost or confused, being unclear as…
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Disappointed frowning face drawn on a white plate with a knife and fork resting on top

Destined to be disappointed?

Disappointed? Me? You betcha. Repeatedly in fact. Honestly, there have been times in my life when I really felt that being disappointed was my destiny. Whether you are aware of them or not, we all have underlying emotions that drive our behavior. When you dig deep enough you can get to the root emotion that…
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woman standing on a road contemplating her next step divine detour

Divine Detours

  Can you say “Plot Twist?!?!?!!?” Divine detours naturally bring with them unexpected twists and turns. You know the old adage “we make plans; God laughs?” This is often how we experience a Divine Detour.    A while back, I happened to be catching up with a past client turned friend, Michelle, and like many…
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Could Your Manifestation List Be Limiting You?

Recently a client of mine has unexpectedly found herself in a loving relationship that seems to hold wonderful possibilities. As she shared her story of their synchronistic meeting, I was particularly struck by a couple of the things she shared. The first was “he doesn’t match my pictures.” She went on to give me an…
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I’d rather see your scrapes and scars over a facade of perfection any day!

During an appearance today my interviewer mentioned this article which was originally published on in July 2016. She was expressing how much she connected with what I wrote and thanked me for expressing that we do not need to be perfect in order to guide others to recognizing their own innate perfection. I was…
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What I learned by allowing myself to fall in love again

At this time of year, our attention inevitably turns to love and relationship. Blame it on Hallmark if you’d like but with February being the second month of the year it carries the energy of “2” which represents the end of separateness and bringing union between different entities. It is one of the most rewarding…
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Detours, Distractions, Developments and Diving in Head First

It’s been said that “the only constant is change.”   Change takes many forms. Sometimes we plan it – and most times we don’t.   Change of the unexpected variety can be viewed as a detour or a distraction.   Change of the initiated kind we often don’t even see as change. It’s usually considered…
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Do not fear; Mercury Retrograde is here

Mercury Retrograde is a phenomenon that  occurs three to four times every year. During this time the planet Mercury appears to “move backward” in the sky. Mercury retrograde is often vilified and blame for miscommunications, travel snafus and technology meltdowns. Some people quiver and quake when they hear that Mercury is going into retrograde. I…
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Message Received

  For weeks, I had been waking up in the middle of the night to a song playing in my head. Sometimes, it was the same song several nights in a row. Sometimes, it was a different song each night. In every instance it was a repeated lyric over and over. At first, I thought…
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Woman's legs stretched out on a bed with a cup of coffee in her hands and an open book beside her

I needed to read my own words today

Years ago I started a blog and quickly abandoned it. In fact, I had completely lost track of it with no idea how to even locate it myself. Due to a computer crash in 2011, those pieces were simply lost to me…. except for the feel of that very first post. Although I could not…
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