soul purpose-the definition of soul purpose

Soul Purpose: The Definitive Guide

Soul Purpose and its definition popularly tends to focus on what you are here to do and who you are here to serve. Sure, that can be part of your Soul Purpose. But if it’s not; that doesn’t mean you don’t have one. After all, it’s not just entrepreneurs and business owners that got tapped on the head by the purpose fairy.

Each and every person born on this planet has a Soul Purpose. If you were born, have a heartbeat and are still breathing you have a purpose to fulfill. It just might not be what you’ve been led to believe it is. And it just might not be found where you think it will. There’s actually a whole lot more to Soul Purpose than commonly gets revealed. It might surprise you to learn the whole story behind yours.

Where you’ll find Your Soul Purpose 

First off, while yes, your Soul Purpose may be expressed by running a business, helping a certain population of people, creating a specific transformation or making a difference in a precise geographic location, the truth about your Soul Purpose is it’s not for anyone else if it’s not for you first. 

We can’t give what we don’t have. In other words, if we haven’t attained it within ourselves it’s much harder to provide it for anyone else. That means in order to give it, you’ve got to embody it and you’ve got to live it. Here’s where we begin to reveal more about your Soul Purpose than most are aware of.

The most common misconception is that it’s about what you do and for whom.  It’s not and has never been about what you do. In fact, any concept of purpose focused on something that lies outside of you is false. (We’ll get into this more below in “How to Find Your Soul Purpose.”) It’s actually an inside job. Always has been. 

Each of us has a specific energetic frequency we were meant to hold for the planet. That’s why you were born. It is through cultivating the specific state of being created by the experience, expression, and embodiment of your Soul (and the unique energetic qualities that make up the frequency of your Soul) that your purpose is fulfilled. This is a very different understanding of Soul Purpose than most are familiar with.

Your purpose is not a project or a mission. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not even your business. Remember we aren’t excluding anyone from having a purpose. So that means just because running a business may not be your thing you still have every opportunity to fulfill your purpose. If you are truly in your Soul Purpose you can literally fulfill it in the very next room you walk into. 

Therefore, the key to fulfilling your Soul Purpose is filling yourself with it first. When looking for where you’ll find your Soul Purpose, we need look no further than our own Soul. 

Soul Purpose Meaning

As we further explore Soul Purpose meaning, we begin to understand that it is the same for each and every one of us. It only looks different from the outside. Because as individual Souls we are each a unique expression of the Divine. We are all here to hold a different set of energies for the planet.  

At the end of the day (or lifetime, as the case may be), we all have the same purpose. The mastery of our own Soul’s expression. This is the mastery of the specific unique energetic qualities, what we call your Divine Coordinates, that make up our individual Soul. In other words… Soul Mastery. It is within our own Soul Mastery that we find and fulfill our Soul Purpose. 

Consider that through our Soul’s journey called life we are always being guided into our unique path. It is our personal challenges and apparent obstacles that are in fact helping us create the mastery of our Soul’s expression. Every moment we are being given an opportunity to either create a new level of mastery or express a new level of mastery. Therefore, even on our most challenging days we are often being moved closer to your Soul Purpose meaning than further away from it.  

Mastery of your Soul

The mastery of your Soul is a partnership between the human part of us and the Divine part of us – the personality and the Soul. When we operate primarily out of the conditioned part of us – who we’ve learned how to be – we miss out on fulfilling our individual purpose. The mastery of your Soul is the mastery of your specific energetic qualities.

Within each of your energetic qualities (there are five separate unique energies for each of us) there is a spectrum of that energy. At the top you’ve got the highest expression of that energy. (Think of this as your Divine Self.) At the bottom is the complete absence of that energy. In between are gradients. 

In order to truly master a specific energy, at some point in life, you will experience every level on that spectrum. In fact, as unpleasant as it seems, we in fact learn more about an energy in its absence than in its presence. 

The closer we get to the mastery of the specific set of energies that make up our unique Soul, our Divine Coordinates the closer we get to our Soul Purpose. 

How to Find your Soul Purpose

While there’s plenty of advice out there on how to find your Soul Purpose too many people are seeking but not finding. Some will tell you to meditate on it, others would have you take a strengths finder test or skills assessment. And, you may consider your past experience or expertise as a clue.

The fact of the matter is your purpose isn’t likely to be found in any of those places. 

If you meditate on how to find your Soul Purpose,  even if you get an amazingly accurate answer, we often won’t believe it’s that beautiful or that powerful. We don’t tend to believe we are as amazing as we truly are. Assessments and tests can only confirm for us who we already know ourselves to be because we are the ones that are filling it out. 

And your Soul Purpose doesn’t lie in your history, it lies in your future. Let me say that again. Your purpose doesn’t lie in your history. It doesn’t lie in the past. It doesn’t lie outside you. It lives inside you. It’s already there. You don’t need to find anything. You simply need the keys to unlock what’s already there. 

Yet some would still have you take a detailed history, have you think about what you wanted to be as a kid or what your personality wants to be. The thing is, who you’ve been trained to be doesn’t tell anywhere near the whole story. It’s already easy to access the information connected to who you’ve been so far. Where you’ll actually find your Soul Purpose is in a place you’ve probably never been before. 

Both in your inner landscape and your outer landscape.

In the end, your Soul Purpose isn’t something you figure out or find. It’s something you reveal and receive. (You may want to read that again.) 

It will find you where you find yourself; where you find your Soul. 

Since 2011, courageous men and women around the world have chosen Divine Navigation and committed to the extraordinary and transformative experience of Aligning with their Soul – through their Divine Coordinates. We invite you to also explore the journey of living your Divine Purpose.